Ashutosh Gupta tells us his journey to gain 20 kg in muscle mass and 5 inches on his biceps, in just one year.

Weight gain is harder for some people, than weight loss. I am one of those people. When I began working out, during my first year of college, I had a skinny, 45 kg frame.

At that time, I played cricket for my college cricket team and realized how much more my body was capable of. My goal was to get into shape, and gain muscle mass.

Dedication really matters

Skinny people like me have a harder time with weight gain, than fat people have with weight loss.  But I was determined to gain weight and muscle, without losing my flexibility. I realised I couldn’t do this without changing my diet, since my daily calorie intake was less than I burned.

During a 2 month college break, I began a fitness programme, that included a new diet and gym workout. Paying attention to both healthy eating and my workout led to success. I gained weight and increased my muscle mass. When I saw the results of my hard work, I was driven to keep going.

A bright future looms

It’s been an incredible journey to change from lean to athletic. I am very proud of what I have accomplished and feel more confident today. Many people appreciate my hard work and dedication and approach me for advice. Being a source of inspiration for others is wonderful.

All those embarking on a similar journey must remember to push through the hard times.  Do your research about what you should consume, and the best workout plan for you. And stick to your fitness routine, till you see results.