From an obese guy weighing 136 kg, Naynesh Chainani has transformed into a leaner, healthier version of himself and a source of fitness inspiration. Read his inspiring account of weight loss.

I have been obese almost all my life, due to my lack of physical activity and poor eating habits. After graduating, I joined my family business which involved sitting at a desk all day. This made my lifestyle even more sedentary, and by 2014 I weighed a whopping 136 kg!

I was fat to a point where my parents considered me unpresentable

I was ashamed of being fat, though I learned to live with this feeling. In 2014, I realised that my parents were ashamed of my appearance too, when they refused to take me to my cousin’s wedding. But I didn’t blame them for their reaction, since they were protecting me: no parent want others to make fun of their child. Still, the reality of their shame hit me very hard. This came across as a rude awakening for me.


Making moves to change my lifestyle 

So, I decided to do something about my obesity. I began by walking for 40 mins a day, 6 days a week. As my stamina improved, I kept adding 5-10 minutes every week. Though this didn’t help me lose a lot of weight, it helped lessen my constant lethargic feeling. After 45 days or so, I started feeling active enough to join a gym.

At the gym, I started with 30 minutes of cardio exercises and 30 minutes of circuit weight training (light weights but fast pace). I went on pushing myself and kept on increasing the intensity of my workouts. A few months later, I had experienced some weight loss.

But then, my progress slowed down: I reached the infamous “weight-loss plateau”. Extra hard-work by adding morning runs to my workout regime helped me overcome this slump.

Never followed a fixed diet

I haven’t ever followed a particular diet plan. Instead, I keep modifying my diet by slowly figuring out my body’s response to it.  Initially all I did was break down my food intake into 7-8 small meals in a day. This boosted my metabolism.

Now, I just stick to some basic rules, like avoiding a heavy meal around 2 hours before going to the bed. Also, I try to take all carbs and fat rich food before my workouts to keep my energy up. My post workout meals are mostly high protein and high fibre foods. Cheat meals once a week are as important as healthy meals, an indulgence that keeps me motivated.

My greed for compliments made me push my limits

At some point, I started getting sick and tired of the work involved in transforming my lifestyle. The monotonous dietary limitations, and the daily exertion of a workout, made me want to give up at times.  But, when I reached a point where my friends, family and the people in my gym started noticing the rapid changes in me, I couldn’t stop.

Their reactions on seeing my weight loss, rapidly charged my motivation levels.

Foreverfit- Naynesh Transformation

The best part of my transformation begun, when I started inspiring people.

It gets next to impossible to give up when so many people are noticing your journey, and counting on you. People started coming to me in the middle of my work-outs, seeking my advice and tips. I had become a “weight-loss inspiration” for everyone around me. This gave me a different high.

Fitness has become my lifestyle now, and it has changed me a lot. Apart from the change in my body shape, my energy levels are much higher, and I am a much more positive person. The thought of going back to old sedentary lifestyle makes me shudder!