Vaibhavi Malhotra shares how her transformation pulled her out of the low phase in her life and gave her the confidence to participate in the Miss Universe India 2017 Pageant. Read her story.

I have always been slim, but poor health and the pressure of studying for grade XII exams led to a weight gain of  15 kg. My sense of insecurity mounted.

However, I was determined to get my health and life on track again. As soon as my board exams ended, I began on a healthy diet and exercise program.

My diet plan was simple

I mostly ate fresh and healthy Indian food. Unlike most people, I opted for traditional food. My breakfast usually comprised of milk and high fibre oat cereal, or Indian dishes such as poha, upma, etc.

For lunch, I ate one roti with lots of vegetables or, alternatively, a light south Indian platter. For dinner, I skipped the roti/rice, and had only vegetables, pulses, salad, soup, chicken breast and so on.

Even now, I never starve myself to manage my weight. Instead, I eat healthy snacks like sprouts, fruits, nuts, etc. I also have a cheat day in the week to keep myself motivated.

Foreverfit- Fat to Fit

I wanted to fit into my old clothes

All I wanted was to see myself fit in the clothes I used to wear when I was a “not so chubby” girl. After a year of low self-confidence, my only desire was to gain my confidence in myself back, and love myself again.

I wanted to feel healthy, fit and beautiful again. My friends and family helped me a lot in terms of keeping my morale high, and pushed me to never give up.

Losing only some weight was not satisfactory

Even though I lost weight rapidly, I wasn’t very satisfied. Toning my body was also important and to do this, I needed guidance. So I finally got a personal trainer, who helped me look even better.

Foreverfit- Vaibhavi transformation

Took a step towards living my childhood dream

From a girl who was insecure about the way she looked, I transformed into someone who was flushed with confidence. My childhood dream was to win the crown of Miss Universe.

But during my unfit phase, I became diffident and shy. I avoided being photographed, and stepping out of my house. Being part of a beauty pageant was far from my imagination.

But after I adopted a healthy lifestyle and lost my excess weight, I underwent a transformation. Not just physically, but emotionally too. I developed a healthy sense of self, and even decided to participate in Miss Universe India.

I ended up being the Delhi finalist, but didn’t win the crown. Yet, I am proud that I could participate in even the swimsuit round with confidence.

I am fit and energetic after this change

My life has transformed along with my body, and it is such a beautiful feeling. I don’t feel lazy anymore, and am productive and fit instead. Loving myself and my body has changed my perspective.

I have realized that fitness is primarily about disciplining the mind. Once you see the results, there is no going back. Your body looks toned, your skin glows, your productivity increases, what else does one need? At the end of the day I managed to participate in Miss Universe India.

Thus, fitness is not “a way of life” – it is “life”.

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