Iram Zaidi tells Foreverfit how being body shamed for her excess weight lowered her self-esteem, yet became her motivation to adopt a healthy lifestyle and shed 25 kg. 

Being fat is no fun. In my case, stress eating and an unhealthy lifestyle had taken a toll on my body. Because I was so overweight, people couldn’t resist making fun of me.

But one day, I decided it was time to break out of my stupor and work towards building a better version of myself.

Sick of being body shamed

My determination to recover my self-esteem, that had been damaged by body-shamers, was steely. Being constantly put under the scanner for my appearance for so long wasn’t easy.

When I started on a new track to lose weight and get fit, it was difficult to stay enthusiastic. My new eating and exercise routine took discipline to maintain, and somehow I stuck to it. Today, I am proud of my determination.

Switched to a healthy lifestyle

I started on my weight loss plan, just after my intermediate exams ended. My hard work, and switching to a healthy lifestyle helped me lose 25 kg in a period of 15-16 weeks. Believe it or not, my waist dropped from 40 inches to 28 inches!

Tried many diets and workouts

As far as my diet and workout went, I changed my approach frequently. Since I had to overcome a weight loss plateau many times, variety was essential.

My primary focus was on strength training, which I partook for 5 days a week. My diet too varied on different stages, depending on my goals.

Cravings were hard to ignore

So, it’s probably not surprising that like countless others, I caved in to my cravings for unhealthy snacks, once in a while. Once a month, my biological clock would come full circle to remind me of the sinful comfort foods that somehow soothed my stomach cramps.

Many benefits of a healthy lifestyle

Although this started as a transformation journey, my routine has slowly become a lifestyle. And that is how it should be; a transformation should ideally not be seen as a short-term goal. A healthy life is a better life!

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