Fitness enthusiast and sportsman Ankit started playing tennis at the age of 5. Though injuries forced him to give up competitive play, today he runs a tennis coaching academy for kids. Read about how he stays in peak shape. 

I am a fitness enthusiast, and have been a tennis player since the age of 5. Tennis was my passion, and I played at the state, national, and international level for 20 years, and ended up ranked 1200, worldwide.

But I had to stop, due to a combination of personal circumstances, and injuries.

Decided to give something back to the game

Even though I am not a tennis player any longer, I am still passionate about the game.  So, I came up with a way to maintain my connection with it, even though I can’t play professionally.  Instead, I decided to share my knowledge and experience of tennis with young kids, and drive them towards a brighter future.

After working with a reputed tennis academy for some years, me and my partner set up our own academy in Punjabi Bagh. We recently set up another academy in Moti Bagh, and in total, we are currently training 100 kids.

Foreverfit- Ankit Sachdeva working out

Worked out twice daily to be in the best shape possible

Staying fit despite a hectic work schedule can be tricky, unless you are committed to it. In my case, being a  sportsman right from the beginning helps, since fitness has always been my top priority.  So, no matter how packed my day is, I make sure I workout, every morning and evening.

Usually, I do strength training in the morning. In the evenings, I focus on functional training, cardio and core workouts. I try to maintain this routine for at least 5 days a week.

Since I have to start my day early in order to have enough time for my workouts, I sleep early. I don’t socialize or party, as this disrupts my routine.

Made sure my diet matched my physical activity 

Working out so much is all waste if you are not sleeping properly or eating healthy. So, to get the best results from my workouts, I try to be equally disciplined about my diet.

My day starts with a lot of oats and fruits. Then for my lunch, I eat some brown rice. At night, I just have soup and veggies. Between these 3 major meals, I snack on fruit and salads, and drink a lot of water. To help my body recover faster from my workouts, I take some supplements like protein shakes, BCAAs, and multivitamins.

Foreverft- Ankit Sachdeva Transformation

Transformed my body and took it to the next level of fitness

Recently, I took my fitness to another level by reducing percentage of fat of my body and gaining muscle instead. Since my diet and workouts were very disciplined during this period, it took me only 25 days to do this.

I believe that being committed to an end goal, provides us all motivation to take action to achieve this.

Fitness is not only a destination

Once someone told me, “Fitness is not a destination, it is a lifestyle”. Since the day I heard this, I have made this the motto of my life. Now that I have achieved what I wanted to, I don’t stop. Instead, I try to get better and better each day.

Ankit transformed under the guidance of his trainer Hasmeet Singh Bindra.