Harbans Lucky Malwa lost 22 kg and reduced his body fat from 22% to 6% in 10 weeks only, through a combination of exercise and a low-carb calorie-deficit eating plan. Read about his transformation. 

When the road slopes upward, we bend our backs and keep walking.

I decided to change my unhealthy lifestyle, when I realized how bad my health was. My appearance suffered because of my drinking habit, and I made up my mind to change.

It took me around 10 weeks to achieve my transformation. I lost 12 kg in this period, starting with 22% body fat and bringing it down to 6%. Presently my fat percentage fluctuates between 8-10%.

The beginning was hard

For the first 4 weeks, I was constantly hungry. But eventually I got a grip on my cravings, and my body adjusted to my diet plan. My energy was low at the start, and lifting weights was hard.

But 2-3 weeks down, when the results became obvious, I was motivated to carry on. At the same time my body started to adapt to the healthy lifestyle and the cravings subsided.

Forever Fit Transformation Harbans Lucky Malwa

Breaking poor eating habits 

Throughout my journey, my biggest challenge was following a strict regime. It was difficult to avoid eating the food I craved, so I kept convincing myself that it was unhealthy and unsuitable for my daily macros. Going out with family and friends was also a major challenge, because I couldn’t eat a lot of foods from outside.

I navigated this hurdle by eating beforehand or only having salads or other healthy options. This was really difficult, since the temptation to eat delicious foods peaks when everybody around you is gorging on it.

I was on a calorie-deficit diet throughout this period. I would consume low carbs, high protein and healthy fat during the day. I’d always make sure to keep my macros in mind and always kept my calorie intake just below the required intake, only allowing myself one cheat meal every 4 weeks.

Exciting changes

This transformation has turned my life upside down, in the best way possible. I now feel healthy, fit and more energetic. I am a more positive and a more confident person after this transformation. The diet I followed has entered my regular meals with once a week cheat meals keeping my temptations at bay.

My advice for all the people out there who are looking forward to transforming themselves, their lives, and their outlook, is this – frame a target, figure out how you want to go about it, and then just keep going.

Transformation is more challenging when the gap between your current self and the change you want is huge. But just keep going.  It may feel like an impossible goal to achieve, but with time you will definitely see results and your body will adapt to all the changes in your lifestyle.