Find out what’s driving Monce C. Abraham to run his first 100 KM ultra-marathon, to make the wishes come true for a 100 children with life threatening medical conditions, in partnership with Make A Wish India.

He clearly thrives on challenges. Monce C. Abraham, Founder and Chairman, THEV Consulting, holds the unique distinction of completing a half marathon, full marathon and ultra-marathon (50 Km) within his first year of attempting long distance running.  Now, he’s all set to run 100 km, in a bid to give children with life threatening diseases a more hopeful future.

An unexpected start

Monce developed his interest in long distance running, by chance. In November 2015, he was invited to run the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, as Care Champion (Diamond) by Child Rights and You (CRY) to raise funds for infant immunization.

Though he had no experience in athletics or running, Monce decided this was an opportunity to challenge himself.  With just 3 weeks of training, Monce managed to wrap up his first half marathon with a timing of 2:15:31.

Foreverfit- Monce long distance runner

Breaking his boundaries

Breaking personal barriers calls for a mental and physical leap. Once Monce discovered the power of his mind in determining his physical endurance, he decided to test his mental and physical limits.

He signed up for his first full marathon within the next 3 months for IDBI Federal Life Insurance New Delhi Marathon 2016; this time representing and raising awareness as a Child Rights Champion for NineIsMine, an organization working actively for child rights. He finished this successfully, in 4:31:21.

And there was no stopping him. Monce successfully completed his first 50 Km ultramarathon, this time enduring muscle pulls for 25 Km of the distance, with a timing of 7:22:46, again in his role as a Child Rights Champion for NineIsMine.

Recently, Monce attempted to run the 100 KM ultra-marathon to make the wishes come true for a 100 children with life threatening medical conditions, in partnership with Make A Wish India. He completed 75 km in this attempt and earned the 75k finisher medal. Monce personally made sure that all the money raised till the day he attempted to run the ultra, was returned back to the respective donors.

Foreverfit- Monce Abraham

Combining different workouts 

Monce  vouches for the power of running, combined with gymming, to achieve fitness goals and increase focus, stamina and lung capacity. He recommends creating a varied workout plan, that combines strength training, cardio, crossfit, circuit training, running, kick boxing as also fun activities such as bhangra, zumba or dancing, to avoid getting bored.

Uses an app during training

Before marathons, Monce sticks to the training schedule on his Nike+ Running App, crossfit with light weights, combined with Arc Trainer drills in the gym. Otherwise, he maintains a running schedule of 10-12 Km three times a week, whilst varying workouts in the gym.

foreverfit- monce 50k run

Monce’s Tips for Runners

#1 Start with a distance and speed you are comfortable with. Your goal is learn more about your body, and improve your running parameters, rather than building speed and competing with other runners.

#2 Focus on your breath, while you run. Inhale 2/3 breaths, ensuring your belly expands; exhale out 2/3 breaths respectively, ensuring your belly deflates

#3 Train with the right gear. Invest in dry fit or active wear, which keeps the body temperature cooler.

#4 Try pushing your distance and/ or speed capability. This should be ideally done over weeks and months, whilst ensuring you practice outside your comfort zone at least once a week.

Tips for Practice for Long distance Runs

#1 Avoid the summer heat for hour-plus-runs, run very early in the mornings. It’s cooler at this time, and you can avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun.

#2 Invest in running shorts. These are different from regular training shorts. As you train for longer distances, you will find that these helps overcome runner problems such as shorts riding up and thigh chafing.

#3 Invest in a good pair of shoes. Monce had already run his half and full marathon before he got to know that he has a 2nd degree flat foot, which makes long distance running more challenging.

So, he recommends a gait analysis and foot mapping for your feet, towards purchasing the right shoes. The running shoe size should ideally be one size bigger than your regular shoe size. To ensure a good fit, consider the heel slipping lacing technique amongst others.

You can follow Monce C. Abraham’s efforts on Twitter and Instagram at @monceabraham, and become a part of his campaign to make the wishes come true for a 100 wish kids here:

Update on Monce’s 100k attempt: Though Monce made an honest attempt at finishing the 100K within just his 2nd year of long distance running, Monce was able to earn only the 75K Finisher Medal on the day with a timing of 14:06:02 (pdf).

Monce ensured that all the money raised (barring the Ketto platform fees) till date of UltraMarathon attempt was respectfully returned back to all donors who had placed their trust in him.