Entrepreneur by choice and marathon runner by habit, Preet Singh tells us about what inspires him, and his training regimen for the upcoming Airtel half marathon 2017. 

I began running by accident. All my life, I was a footballer. But a torn ligament sidelined me, and after my treatment, I was advised not to play any contact sports for life. Now, sitting on my backside wasn’t an option, so running happened.

Only a well oiled machine can perform optimally

Training, diet and mindset all play a part in performance. It’s very important to realign your goals when it comes to a race. Some days, the goal may seem too out of reach, and on other days it may be too easy. So, just listen to your body and be adaptable, since a rigid approach will only deplete you, rather than build excitement.

Preparations began 6 weeks ago

For a half marathon, preparation ideally needs 10-12 weeks. For the full marathon, you need a good 18 weeks of training to get you through. I personally spend an average of 8-10 hours a week on training, and an equal amount of time training others to reach their goals and making sure we are on the right trajectory when it comes to our running goals.

My trainees and I began training about 6 weeks back. Our primary focus is on building endurance, building muscle strength and above all mental conditioning. We need to stay positive, even on days you don’t outperform.

Mixed training schedule

My recipe for success, for a marathon runner is: a bout of interval training, tempo runs, a couple of easy runs and functional training and a lot of corework/ yoga, along with a massage once in a while to relax the tired muscles.

It’s just about doing it over and over again, and believing in your ability. There’s no overnight success or failure when it comes to long distance running.

Raceday is about being with myself

Raceday is not a day where something magical will happen!  I spend 5-10 minutes alone, recalling the work I have put in, bringing myself into a realistic zone by reminding myself why I started running!  Your timings will come and go, but the joy of running shouldn’t end. My inspiration comes from the whole universe.

I believe we are like magnets that attract positive energy, from wherever you can and as much as you can. Also, I chose to run for leisure.  That’s the best reason. So I don’t stress. My advice to fellow runners is: smile, inspire and take others with you. Also, don’t compare yourselves to others. We are all on a different journey, for a different purpose.

Foreverfit- Preet Singh runner

Preet’s Tips

#1 Eat the Right Foods, Pre and Post Run

An hour before my run, I have a standard breakfast of 1 banana, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon peanut butter. Between the time I wake up and leave my home, I make sure I drink about 1-1.5 litres of water, too.

Astonishingly, post run hydration and nutrition is one of the most ignored aspects of an athlete’s training! But it’s extremely important for a marathon runner to eat within 30 minutes of the race ending, since this helps your body recover.

In my kit bag, you will always find exotic stuff from electrolytes, raisins, chocolate cake, granola bars, honey, bananas and even salted lassi. I pick any or a combination, post run.

#2 Avoid Over Hydration

It’s important to avoid over hydration. Many runners tend to drink too much liquid during a run. My advice is to wet your lips if they feel dry, and pour water over your head, neck and shoulders. Sip water, but don’t drink too much as your body won’t be able to absorb it and you may end up with cramps and side stitches.

#3 Gear Up Right

I sincerely feel that gear can help you get a notch up in training, especially for someone like me who literally drowns in my own sweat.  Wear a fabric which breathes and keeps you cool, rather than cotton.

Also, it’s a good idea for a marathon runner to change into dry clothes and even get out of sweaty socks, into flip flops straight after a run.  Do join Adidas Runners Delhi/Mumbai or Bangalore and get your latest tips and tricks from so many wonderful people!

#4 Don’t let technology dictate

 I do not allow technology to control me. But I use Holy Grail of Garmin mostly to track distance, or when I am pacing an event, since this helps me keep a check. Also, this allows me to help fellow runners achieve their targets.

But I don’t listen to music while I run. Instead, I like to listen to the sound of my breath, my feet hitting the ground and being in the zone.  I love running, so I don’t need anything- just a path and myself.

#PreetOnTheRun has been at it for almost a decade. He is passionate about turning good into great. His motto is to never let the flame die, keep the fire alive!