Apoorvi Sethi, a 42 year-old Delhi-based mother of two shares her experiences and advice in her quest towards super fitness

1. Tell us a bit more about yourself, Apoorvi.

I’m a 42 year old woman with kids aged 19 & 14. I started my fitness journey at the age of 35 wherein I thought this is the time to change things. If it’s not now then it’s not going to be ever. I promised a certain weight & frame for my 40th birthday & I went ahead and achieved it. That was my biggest high. And ever since then it hasn’t stopped. And this passion just keeps on growing each year 

2. What pushed you into transforming yourself? 

It was a realization I made at a wedding. The moment I saw the bulges pushing themselves out of my blouse from all angles, I decided enough was enough. That was the real turning point for me. From then on, I promised to be my best self. And I continue to live by that mantra. 

3. Tell us about your transformation journey. What are the things that made it a successful one?

The only real thing that I did was to “JUST SHOW UP”. I made sure I made it to my workout through rain or shine, sickness or health. I believe that was half my battle won. 

I fixed a “transformation completion date” with my coach and put my mind and body on the line to do it.  Since I had most things on my side- a great coach, my own determination and an amazing family, all I needed to do was dig deep and find the mindset to keep going for months together. Each morning I promised myself, “today I will be a little better than I was yesterday”. This changed the game. 

4. What kept you going? 

At the beginning of each year, I used to decide what my year’s motto would be in a single line. The one line which would define who I was for that whole year. 

For instance, in January 2022 I decided that “this year I am going to BE MY BEST SELF”. The line serves as a reminder and guide to be my best self. I guess that pushes me to follow a disciplined & consistent life. 

5. Tell us about your fitness routine and diet.

My workout and diet plan has been specifically designed by my coach to get the best out of me. I work out for about 90-120 minutes, 6 days a week. On the diet front I count my macros which helps me build muscle & shed fat. 

Every night I sit down and make my meal schedule for the next day. I follow my plan down to the tee. That’s a lifestyle now. I do as I am asked to by my coach and dare not change course. 

6. What’s your fitness mantra?

I just have one Mantra- TO BE MY BEST SELF. I live for this mantra. I trust my coach completely and follow his advice blindly. Till date I plan my meals, take a printout and stick it up on my fridge. Each day, I wake up at 5.20 am and hit the gym at 6.15 am. I guess “showing up” is the main reason I managed to transform myself. Once you show up, everything falls in place. 

7. Tell us about your trainers and mentors.. 

After losing a whopping 35 kgs, having undergone a cesarean, I was lean yet flabby. I had a saggy stomach, bulges under the bra, extra arm fat and my lower body looked very heavy.

I knew this had to change. One fine day, as luck would have it I met senior athlete Bindiya Sharma who introduced me to my current coach & mentor Rajat Goel. I have been to many trainers but this power couple knows exactly what each individual client needs. They changed my frame totally. I took a picture and said to them “aisa banna hai maine”. That was it! They pushed me and got involved in my fitness, at times more passionately than me. I thank God everyday for both of them. With their expertise, I can say I have smashed my fitness goals!