Nitish Arora’s capacity to eat a 1.3 kg burger in 3.30 mins made him a fatburger champion. But when his passion for competitive eating took his weight to 117 kg, his doctor warned him that his days were numbered. 

Believe it or not, I realised my dream job of being a  professional competitive eater. Being a full-time foodie, me and my two friends started our own food blog on Instagram, called Dilli k 3 Bhukkad.

Speed Eating was like a sport to me

I won many competitions because of the quantity of food I ate. I also got some interesting rewards for it. Once I ate a massive 1.5 kg burger at Burbees café, and won a free trip to Ladakh.

At another time, I became a fatburger champion when I ate a 1.3 kg burger in 3.30 minutes. This feat also won me a year’s free subscription at Fatburger Cyberhub. Also, I participated in different competitions that involved gol gappa and pizza eating.

Foreverfit- Nitish Arora Transformation

Rising weight became a nightmare

Gradually, I gained a lot of weight, and ended up weighing 116 kg. This was hardly surprising, considering the enormous amount of food I ate.

Being obese is very frustrating. You feel lethargic all the time, lose all your confidence, and become the butt of all jokes among your friends. All this was tolerable, till my doctor told me that my life was under threat.

He said that I wouldn’t survive if I carried on eating in this manner. Naturally, I was terrified.

Made big and small changes in my lifestyle to get fit

So, I started going to the gym regularly. I did whatever I could to improve my eating habits too: modified my diet, chewed my food 32 times, and drank plenty of water.  In addition, I ensured that I slept early.

My commitment to getting fit was intense, so I didn’t miss a single day of workout. Today, I go to the gym 6 days a week and do cardio as well as weight training.

Foreverfit- Nitish Arora Transformation

Begin with a big breakfast and end with a tiny dinner

I believe it’s important to breakfast like a king, and dine like a beggar. Drinking plenty of water reduces the appetite, so keep the bottle handy. The other habit I developed, was to cook my favourite foods in a healthy way.

For example, instead of a greasy plate of biryani cooked outside, I make my own version: this has 300 gm chicken, ½ cup brown rice, flax seeds and veggies in it. It is delicious and satisfies my craving for biryani.

Never lose your focus

Though I was regular at the gym, stuck to healthy eating, and stayed on the fitness track, the results were slow.  But instead of giving up, I just motored on. Eventually, I attained my fitness goals.

My success came from self-belief, and pushing my limits. I was motivated by small achievements, like the feeling of a t-shirt that fit well. Seeing myself shirtless gave me a thrill!

I don’t see myself as a fatburger champion any longer. Actually, I think if you imagine yourself to be a better, fitter version of yourself, you will never give up. In the end, the best things come to those who believe in themselves.

You can follow his journey at Instagram here.