Sumit Chaudhary describes how he managed to build brawn, despite his genetic pre-disposition to thinness and a super-fast metabolism.

If there’s one thing I’m proud of, it’s that I’ve worked out for more than 4 years now. And that somehow, I’ve managed to up my weight from a mere 48 kg, to 75 kg today, despite a speedy metabolism.

Better still, I’ve managed to gain a lot of muscle mass. What motivated me to keep going was being an aesthetic inspiration for the Indian body building community. Today, this still keeps me going.

Being a fast burner isn’t always an advantage

Thinness is in my genes, and most people would have been happy to be in my place.  But my genetic pre-disposition to thinness was a source of great distress for me. You see, I don’t gain weight easily. That’s because my fast metabolism was, and still is, my biggest challenge.

Workouts boost my appetite

To tackle my quick metabolism, I began going to the gym to work out my muscles. The idea was to eat more and gain weight. Luckily, my family was very supportive and encouraged me in every way.

As far as my eating plan goes, I’ve always followed a balanced diet, i.e., 40C:40P:20F (carbs: protein: fat). Having said that, my favourite diet cycle is carb loading/carb cycling. Some food items I eat regularly are eggs, chicken breast, multigrain bread, pasta, rice, sweet potatoes, and bananas.

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One body part a day was my training motto

I designed my own workouts, and never felt the need to enlist the help of a personal trainer. Eventually, I crossed my own limits, and managed to set a new bar to overcome each time.

As far as my workout routine goes, this is structured to work out every part of my body. I devote one day a week, to a single body part.  The other six days a week are divided between working out my legs, chest, back, arms, shoulders, and then my legs again.

In addition, I train my core twice a week, on any days. But I treat Sunday is my day of rest and recuperation.

My attitude is my biggest strength

Having an “all in or all out” attitude really helped to overcome many challenges. That’s how I’ve always led life, and it has been one of my strongest suits. For me, there is no halfway haven – if I begin something, I finish it.

In the end, I’d say my attitude and my determination helped me persevere, and achieve the healthy, fit body I’ve always wanted. And if I do manage to inspire anybody on the way, that’s just an added bonus!