Tired of being size XXL, Maitri Halde decided to kick her junk food addiction and lose 30 kg. Read her story. 

I was always aware of how bad my eating habits were, but powerless to change them. My addiction to eating junk food was the bane of my life, but how to give this up? Junk foods provide so much pleasure, after all!

Couldn’t find clothes big enough to fit me

But over time, I became so fat that it was tough to find good clothes for myself. Every time I walked into a store and liked something, I was told that my size isn’t available. This was frustrating. Even worse, I could see that my unhealthy diet was to blame.

Signals to change were loud and clear

My rising weight and inches were just part of the problem. Eventually, my health started deteriorating and I developed many illnesses, due to my obesity. At this point, I couldn’t neglect my health anymore, so I joined a gym.

In the gym, I started doing cardio and basic exercises first. Once I got used to working out, I began trying different new exercises. Within a few weeks, my BMI dropped. The realization that my efforts were paying off, motivated me to lift heavier weights and get on a proper diet.

Getting onto a protein-rich diet wasn’t easy

Along with my workouts, I knew I had to eat nutritious, well-balanced meals. Being a vegetarian, I wasn’t getting enough protein. So, I decided to try and eat non-vegetarian good, to get the proteins my body needed.

The option was to take supplements, but this didn’t appeal. In fact, the most difficult part of my transformation has been my switch to non-vegetarian food. After 18 months of hard work, I lost 30 kg. And best of all, I got over my junk food addiction!

Cardio alone doesn’t give results

One mistake I see people making is to focus on just cardio exercises to lose weight. The thing is, cardio alone can’t get you the ideal body and health. To lose weight, you have to strike the perfect balance between cardio exercises, lifting weights and a healthy diet. One without the other is ineffective.

Fitness is a lifestyle

At this stage of my journey, my most positive gain has been my new, fit lifestyle. For me, fitness is not just a temporary goal- it’s a lifestyle that I slowly built. It is about feeling that I am the best version of myself, and treating my mind and body with respect.