Foreverfit debunks some of the most common myths about yoga, which remains a widely misunderstood practice.  

Myth 1: Yoga is the best way to get six pack abs
Fact: If you want to build your chest and stomach muscles, then move out of the yoga studio into the gym. Though yoga does help build core body strength, it can’t compete with the gym in some respects.

For example, you’d have to intensify your practice to an almost unhealthy degree, to acquire the same abs that a gym workout can help you attain. Yoga is a more holistic form of exercise, that achieves mind-body balance.

Myth 2: Yoga should be done to the tune of music
Fact: Sorry! Though many modified forms of yoga are practiced with music, the truth of the matter is that practice should ideally be done in silence.

Since yoga calls for an alignment between body, soul, and mind, any outside stimuli – music or the use of mirrors – can cause an imbalance, and diminish the positive benefits.

Myth 3: Yoga can be learnt from anywhere
Fact: While there are plenty of books, and teachers who claim to be well-qualified to teach yoga, you should be careful to get the best information, and instructor. Unless you can verify that your teacher is indeed a reliable instructor, sit still.

Otherwise, incomplete guidance may lead to injuries, stroke and even brain damage, says a study by Oxford neurologist, W. Ritchie Russell. The truth is, perfecting this ancient form of fitness takes practice, dedication, and time. So if you are caught in a time crunch, then put off your practice.

Myth 4: Yoga is easy for everybody
Fact: Yoga is a holistic practice, that can rid you of many ailments. However, if you are used to a sedentary lifestyle, don’t attempt advanced postures. Bear in mind that it takes time to develop the right alignment of the body, balance and flexibility.

So that’s why pushing yourself into uncomfortable positions when you aren’t ready, can lead to injuries. Another thing to remember is, certain asanas should be done at a particular time of the day.