Naivedya Bahl tells us about how a sports injury prompted his weight loss journey, and enabled him to pursue his passion for football.

Sometimes we fail to pay heed to the molehill. Until it expands into a mountain that obstructs our path, we don’t think it’s important enough to scale.

Being overweight was my mountain, and I knew that one day I would scale it. That day came, when I suffered an injury while playing my favourite sport, football.

I had to confront that unless I took action to lose weight, the game was over for me. Since I was not prepared to forfeit the sport, I bucked up, and went on a fitness overdrive.  Over the the following 18 months, I  lost 28 kg, for love of my sport.

Knee injury combined with excess weight

I have always been an avid soccer fan.  Despite my excess weight, I was an enthusiastic player for years. But one day this situation caught up with me. I suffered an unfortunate knee injury, due to the pairing of my poor physique, with a game as demanding as soccer.

The doctor said he could fix my torn meniscus with a short operation. But  he warned me that if I continued playing, my excess weight would damage the knee again. So the only way to play football safely, was by losing weight.

Foreverfit Naivedya Bahl Weight Loss

Driven to making changes

After my surgery, I spent 3 months rehabilitating. Once I was mobile, I joined the gym and began a rigorous exercise regimen. Then, there was no stopping me. I worked out regularly for three hours at a time, and began following specific diet plans too.

Being a foodie was challenging. I struggled to avoid eating out.  But I took it one day at a time, and worked hard to achieve my goal the natural way, since I didn’t want to use any kinds of burners and supplements.

Cut back on fatty foods

Overall, I followed a diet completely free of oil and sugar. For the most part, I had barely any cheat meals, in the beginning. Though I changed my eating plans every 2-3 months, my meals primarily consisted of protein rich foods. In particular, I ate egg whites, beans, gram, cottage cheese, and the like. Simultaneously, I followed a rigorous fitness routine at the gym.

Learning to respect my body

Truth be told, football was my biggest weight loss motivator.  And the injury I suffered, taught me more than just a simple lesson. Notably,  I learned to respect my body and its restrictions. In addition, I saw the amazing potential of my body, too, when I looked after myself.

Faced with the threat of dropping the sport I loved, I chose to surrender my unhealthy lifestyle. My experience revealed how so many of us, barely realize the health hazards of our lifestyles. One day, it may be too late, and a serious injury or disease is staring us right in the eyes.

Inspiration drove me forward

Throughout my journey, my fitness trainer, Mr. Devender helped me realize these truths and my abilities. Today, I am fit and healthy, and a better, more confident player.

What I can say, for sure, is that you only need a guiding hand, or a sign towards the right direction. Once you find it, there’s no turning back.