Losing 12 kg helped Nupur Salaria Kaicker cope better with the pain and discomfort caused by a condition called spondylitis, that affected her spine. She shares the milestones of her 3 month journey. 

Let me start by saying that I suffer from spondylitis, a form of arthritis that affects the spine. Over 1 million people are diagnosed with spondylitis in India every year. Being overweight like I was, only exacerbated the pain and discomfort caused by this problem.

So doctors kept telling me to lose weight, to ease my discomfort. I decided to follow their advice, since it made sense. Why suffer a lifetime of pain when I could do something to ease it?

My new eating plan

I completely cut down on oily food and adopted a strict diet plan. My wake up time was 5 a.m. and I’d have black coffee or green tea. This was followed by an apple, before my workout. Breakfast included cornflakes, egg whites and toast, and filled me up.

At midday, I’d have one roti and two bowls of simply cooked pulses, without much spice or salt. The last meal of the day was chicken breast and boiled vegetables. Apart from this, I’d consume fibre rich fruits, like papaya, though I avoided bananas and mangoes.

My workout routine

After a brief warm up of 40-45 minutes, I’d devote my work out to two body parts per day. In the mornings, I’d focus on my abs and another body part, while the evenings were for my side with another body part.

My husband was supportive throughout my journey. He helped me learn about the right workouts for my condition, and the proper protein to be consumed. In addition, he’s motivated me to keep up the exercise.

 Foreverfit Nupur

The results

In retrospect, I am healthier and happier than before. I used to be plagued by lethargy, tiredness, illness. Now I am more energetic and less prone to getting sick. The best part is that my spondylitis doesn’t trouble me much. It’s definitely been a wonderful journey, and I’m glad I embarked on it.

Something to remember, is that life is short. Staying healthy helps us enjoy our existence. That’s why we must make a conscious decision to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle, while we can.