Ever wondered if nutritionists follow their own advice?  Read Avni Kaul’s personal rules for weight management. 

Everyone believes that I eat perfectly balanced healthy meal everyday. But the truth is that I belong to a food loving family. Like the other members, I too indulge sometimes in mutton koftas and Kashmiri Dum aloos.

Maintaining an ideal weight is hard work for everyone, including me.Though I advise my clients to eat a minimum of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, I sometimes don’t follow this advice myself. I know that losing weight is as tough as maintaining the loss.

But because I am well aware of my body’s needs, I try and balance my occasional indulgence, with good eating habits. You can easily do the same.

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Avni’s Eating Mantras

#1 Don’t weigh yourself daily

I don’t weigh myself daily, and tell all my clients not to do so, either.  Instead, I access my weight gain or loss by the way my clothes fit. Most of the time, I eat nutrient dense foods– those that satisfy my taste buds and keep me healthy too. I concentrate on vegetables, which are low calorie, as well as protein rich foods such as nuts and eggs.

#2 Follow the 9:1 rule

90% of the food you eat should be nutritious, and 10% should be based on your desire! Some of the most popular foods like chips and fried snacks, are calorie laden and lack nutrition. But I do eat these, once in a while. My motto is to eat home cooked food 90% of the time, and allow myself to go rogue for the other 10%. During this slim window, I eat whatever catches my fancy.

#3 Track your food intake

I keep track of whatever I eat, all day long. This is a great strategy, so I strongly recommend it to everyone keen on losing or maintaining their weight.  Use a diary, computer or phone to write down what you eat at mealtimes, and in-between. This will increase your accountability to yourself.

#4 Starving is not an option

Don’t resort to starving, for weight loss. It’s bad for your health, and not a good long term strategy. Instead, go for portion control, and eat every 2-3 hours to ensure a sustained release of energy. Better still, this habit ensures you don’t get hungry and overeat at mealtimes.

#5 Don’t judging anyone who is overweight

Avoid judging people who are fat. After all, so many factors influence our weight and eating choices: genetics, stress, sleep duration and sometimes events stemming from our childhood. Changing our relationship to food is tough, which is why we need to have empathy for anyone trying to take this leap.

#6 Keep moving

Being a Nutritionist, my focus is naturally on making good food choices. But I can’t emphasize the importance of being on the move, enough. Exercise in any form boosts the metabolism,  and helps with stress management.

I walk while on the phone, or listening to music. Technology is also helpful, so wear Fitbit or any other gadget to keep your daily steps in check.  I enjoy this, since it keeps me on my toes.

Just choose any sort of exercise you are comfortable with, and stick to your routine.

#7 The WOW factor comes down to a healthy body

Your appearance really counts these days. But you can’t get away with expensive clothes and beauty treatments. In the end looking and feeling good comes down to good nutrition, and a healthy body weight. So, focus your energy and efforts in this direction. And then enjoy the “WOW” coming your way!