Passionate trekker and development professional, Pallavi Kumar tells Foreverfit about how running ADHM 2017 is her goal for the year, since she’s dedicated her run to a cause she’s committed to. 

Long distance running is a new thing to me. I have been an avid trekker, been on challenging treks and participated in a few 10k race events, but never run long distances. The thing is, I’ve never pictured myself as a runner.

But things changed at the beginning of the year, when I relented to the persuasion of my runner buddies. Eventually, the running bug struck, and I made running the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2017, my goal for the year.

Running for a cause

In addition, I decided to use my new-found interest in running to help raise money for a cause I am passionate about, that of organ donation. At the ADHM this year, I am running to raise much needed funds for this life-saving cause. My aim is to raise funds for expanding activities of MOHAN foundation.

As the Executive Director (NCR) of MOHAN (Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network) foundation, I have spent several years working to encourage voluntary organ donation. MOHAN foundation’s unique mission is to ensure that every Indian suffering from organ failure, get a new lease of life through a lifesaving organ.

Bonding with running buddies post a run

A running coach got me on track

Though I’ve been running for some months now, preparing for the Half Marathon is another matter entirely. I lack the discipline, knowledge and experience to push myself to the next level. That’s why I decided to take guidance from a professional coach.

Since May this year, I’ve been training with Coach Shshank Pundhir. He is a certified running coach who has run over 45 full/half marathons, 16 Ultras and various other endurance runs. He inspires me to push my physical and mental boundaries. Slowly and steadily, I am moving towards my goal.

My training schedule

I train for 12-14 hours a week, which involves running as well as strength exercises. I follow monthly workout plans given to me by the coach, further divided into weekly plans. Basically, I run 4 days a week, and do strength training for 3.

A typical running morning begins with some form drills and form exercises for some warm-up. Then, I do some easy runs or HIIT, depending upon the plan. Post the run, I perform some serious elaborate stretching exercises to ensure my muscles are relaxed after an intense training session.

Changing my eating habits

To prepare myself for the event, I have made many changes in my diet. My current diet mainly includes 55-60% complex carbohydrates (from whole grains, starchy vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes, lentils, etc.) and 25% protein (eggs, chicken, soya, paneer, etc.)

I avoid any fried/junk food and I try to stick to simple home cooked food. Also, I make sure that I eat my meals at the right time, and stay hydrated throughout the day.

About my cause

Over the past 20 years, the MOHAN foundation has saved over 5000 precious lives through relentless efforts. Its passionate team does the unenviable job of counselling bereaved families, to encourage them to donate the organs of their deceased loved one, and save others’ lives.

To know more about the campaign and to make a contribution to it, visit