Regular practice of Pilates helps improve body balance, enhance self-awareness, and build core strength.

Keen on building core strength and balance? Just enroll for some Pilates classes, because there’s no better way to achieve these objectives. Pilates ensures a full body workout, while it builds your core muscles.

Devised during the First World War by Joseph Pilates, this regimen was intended to rehabilitate injured soldiers. In particular, it strengthened, stretched, and stabilised key muscles, enabling a return to mobility.

Increasing popularity

Today, Pilates is a popular fitness regime, for all age groups. One reason is that exercises can be modified, to cater to individual needs. So you can do Pilates whether you are ultra fit, unfit, or have restricted mobility.

Slow, focused movements

The seven principles that guide this regimen are:  Alignment, Centering, Control, Flow, Breathing, Precision, and Concentration. Pilates is unique, since it has fewer, more precise movements.

But to derive the best benefits, you must repeat each movement 5-10 times, in a controlled manner. Each exercise has a specific rhythm, and breathing pattern, since it ultimately strengthens your core. Inevitably, regular practice lengthens and stretch all your major muscle groups, and strengthens your spine too.

Low intensity workout

But you don’t have to exert yourself much, since this isn’t a very high intensity workout. Also, regular practice, will stabilise your pelvis and shoulders. You may or may not require a mat, and/or specialised equipment for resistance.


#1 Improves your flexibility and range of motion.

#2 Strengthens and tones muscles in your stomach, lower back, hips and buttocks.

#3 Balances the muscular strength on both sides of your body, and enhances your muscular control.

#4  Stabilises your spine, improves posture and relaxes the muscles.

#5 Improves your physical coordination and ensures efficient movement.

#6 Increases your lung capacity and circulation.

#7 Boosts your brain power, by improving your concentration.

#8 Raises your awareness about your body, and its needs.

#9 Busts stress and improves quality of sleep.