Rahul Sharma shares how he achieved a weight loss of 55 kg, by charting out his own fitness and eating plan. 

It is quite amusing, the wonders young love can do. In my case, it transformed me from fat to fit. My inspiration came from a girl I liked, back in 2008. I thought that changing my unhealthy physique would attract her to me. So, I lost 55 kg and 8% of body fat. My waist dropped from 40 inches, to 30.

Entering the world of fitness

To begin with, I hired a trainer for my initiation into the world of fitness. My day usually began no sooner than 12 in the afternoon, So I was at leisure to set my own fitness routine.  When I woke, I went for a run. To be honest, I didn’t eat anything.

Then, in the evening, I’d eat a generous helping of chicken breast and a protein shake. This was against the wishes of my trainer, who cautioned me and repeatedly offered different diet plans.

Setting my own rules

However, I found through my experience that it’s important to set your own rules. This routine and diet worked well for me according to my lifestyle, and so I stuck to it.

In the evening, I’d spend 45 minutes on cardio, and then my trainer would make me do 700 stomach crunches. My dedication paid off.  Even if it was midnight, I’d push myself to spend an hour on the treadmill.

A new direction

According to me, life often has its own plan for you. The girl whose attention and affection I’d sought, and for whom I’d began my transformation journey, found her own happiness with someone else. But, I didn’t let that deter me. My journey to a better place was on, and I didn’t need anyone to accompany me.

Setting my own rules and limitations helped me achieve my weight loss goals. In addition, it allowed me to focus my attention on other pursuits, such as writing and recording songs. In the end, my independent take on the obstacles that were thrown at me, and my drive to achieve, have served me well. Remember, you may have begun the journey for someone else, but you must complete it for your own sake!

Foreverfit Rahul Sharma