Physique 57 is a barre-based workout which combines intervals of cardio, strength training, isometric movements, stretching and recovery.

This acclaimed workout was started by a fitness company of the same name, in New York, in 2006. It helps to ‘sculpt long, lean, gorgeous muscles’ while improving flexibility and endurance.

Dynamic Interval training routine 

Physique 57  has reinvented fitness with their 57 minute classes, guaranteed to transform your physique. A typical class starts with a dynamic warm up with weights that target the upper body, back, and core muscles.

This is followed by thigh and set exercises on the barre and several ab sets. They finish off with a cool down and extended stretch.

Go online for classes

Physique 57 exercise studios offer classes in a handful of countries. You can even stream a class through their website or access to their line of fitness DVDs. They also offer tutorials for at-home workouts on YouTube and Pinterest.

Their blog and series of books offer actionable tips and advice for this workout as well. Wherever you are in the world, you can start with Physique 57 straight away. All you need is a portable ballet barre or sturdy piece of furniture and hand weights.  

Why Physique 57 is popular

Through their blog and social media accounts, Physique 57 has created a community. Their clients are the biggest advocates of the workout, and swear by it’s benefits.

Some celebrities also endorse this workout, saying the results are unmatched by any other. 

How this workout transforms your body

#1 Works the muscles: The barre at Physique 57 uses their signature internal overload method. This includes targeting muscles and overloading them to the point of fatigue, then stretching them for relief.

#2 Combines movements: You are always lengthening and strengthening the muscles with different rhythms and tempos. This combination of strength building and stretching is a healthy way to increase your fitness level and stamina.

#3 Proven impact: Their classes are structured to maximise every minute and move with their signature scientifically tested choreography. Eventually, Physique 57 increases strength, flexibility, and metabolic rate, so that you burn more calories at rest.

The best part is that there are always movement nuances and positioning tweaks that you can incorporate, to change the routine, and ensure consistent results.