Keen on a bicycle ride? In case you don’t have a cycle parked in your garage, we’ve found a few places that will rent you one. 

#1 Planet Green Bikes

We bet you’ve seen their stations, and made a mental note many a time to stop and pick up a cycle from them. To avail of their bikes, you need to register on their website with your details. Just upload documents for proof, and the area of the city you reside in. Then, pay a fee of INR 1000 (which will be adjusted towards your rental charges).

They’ll then issue a card to you (which can be used via their app too) which becomes your pass to rent a cycle. After you’re done, you can drop it off at the nearest station. In case you don’t want to go through the hoopla of registering, hire a bike (at INR 10/hour) and  leave a Government-issued ID card with them as collateral.

You can look up their process and stations here.

#2 Rent Set Go

A provider of a variety of bicycle models and styles, Rent Set Go has a website that’s super easy to navigate. Register (or login), select your product and place a request. They’ll get back to you regarding the availability and timelines. You’ll have to submit a photo ID and a (refundable) security deposit.

The best part? You can rent it for long periods too, say if you’re going on a biking tour. Find out more on their website here.

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#3 The Bike Shop

A Delhi favourite for rentals, The Bike Shop carries a large variety- gear cycles, road cycles, long-distance cycles – so you’ll be spoilt for choice. They charge INR 500 for a whole day, as long as you bring along your photo ID and an INR 5,000 (in cash) security deposit that you’ll get back.

The owner Gaurav Wadhwa is also the founder of Delhi Cyclists. You could even consider going cycling with his club.

#4 Cycledelic Sport Shop

Located in North Delhi, this spot offers MTB and hybrid cycles, among others. They’ll only charge you INR 500 a day- just take a photo ID and a security deposit of INR 5,000. You also need to give them a day’s notice.

Call: 09899990318