Reshma Badi weighed over 115 kg when she embarked on her journey to weight loss and personal transformation. Today, she is 45 kg lighter, and has a new lease on life. 

I started my journey in January 2014 with a weight of 115.8 kg and lost over 40 kg by the end of September 2015. At that time, I met with an injury and was forced to stop. Being on bed-rest for 6 months stalled my progress in 2016, but I am back on track now and have lost 45 kg in all. My weight is  75 kg today.

Deriving inspiration from ordinary people
Growing up, I was obese. I tried losing weight in every way possible – sadly, nothing worked. I’d just about lost hope, that is, until I saw a guy transform in my class. When I asked him how he did it, he said that all he did was workout regularly and eat right. Seeing a non-celeb, someone just like me undergo transformation led me to feel encouraged. 

Furthermore, studying science made it so easy for me to understand nutrition, that I took the chance and educated myself. My trainer, who I hired for the few initial months, helped me with workout forms. Apart from this, I’ve never really been dependent on anyone. It was just me, by myself.

Meal planning became routine

My exercise regimen involved weight training 4 times a week and cardio 6 times a week. Since I was in the process of completing my graduation and post graduation, I practiced weight training before going to college and then after college, I did cardio. I maintained a high protein diet with moderate to low carbohydrate intake.

I am currently doing intermittent fasting and carb cycling. Generally, though, I’m an intuitive eater, and I do not count macros or calories. Nevertheless, I do make sure that I’m under maintenance calories. I just listen to my body and plan my meals accordingly. I’m also tracking my journey on my YouTube channel – Reshma Badi.
Foreverfit Reshma Badi Weight Loss

One of the major challenges I faced was emotional stress. I was pretty much alone on this journey with barely any support. Every time I wanted to give up, I picked myself up. Moreover, back then, there was hardly any social media support; fitness social media grew a lot last year. And hence I’m trying to help as many people via social media, as much I can.

Stability and strength are my new normal

My transformation has altered my emotional, physical, mental and even spiritual states. I’m much more stable and strong now. I’m a new person. I was scared, insecure and depressed back then. I always say, fat is an emotion – not everyone can understand it unless they go through it themselves.

As for anyone trying to make a difference, my only advice is – just do it. Stop being negative about yourself, and start loving yourself. Trust me, the process will become much easier. We take care of the people we love, and so it follows that if you love yourself, you should take good care of yourself!