Struggling with a low energy level?  Get to the cause with this lifestyle review, and follow up by pushing yourself into the high energy zone with this easy prescription. 

High energy is one of your biggest assets, that allows you to achieve almost everything you want to.  So if you don’t walk with a bounce in your step, then it’s time to figure out why. Start by reviewing your lifestyle.

Figure out the cause

Some physical causes of low energy are a low haemoglobin level, under-active thyroid. Do go for a checkup and get some medical tests done, on the basis of your doctor’s advice.

If all is well, and you’re still struggling to do your daily thing, then perhaps stress is to blame. Poor sleep and emotional issues are real energy sappers. Or maybe you’re simply not eating the right foods.

Unless you eat foods that fuel the body in a healthy way, and drink plenty of water, you won’t be able to escape fatigue.

Here’s your high energy plan 

#1 Make it your mantra to choose low fat, high fibre and high protein foods.

It doesn’t take much to figure these out. Browse this site, for sources of protein and fibre.  Eat a hearty breakfast that combines protein and carbohydrates that release sugar slowly, such as egg and toast, or basin cheela and sprouts. Fatty foods induce sleepiness, so avoid these.

Plate with delicious sunny side up egg and toast, closeup

#2 Have a high protein lunch

Eating right at lunchtime can prevent the drop in mental alertness, that typically occurs in the afternoon. Green leafy vegetables, Chickpeans (channa) and lentils (dal) are brain foods that also keep the blood sugar level in check.

Add a bowl of yoghurt and you can pat yourself on the back for having eaten a perfectly balanced meal. Stay away from starchy foods such as pasta, potatoes and rice or greasy foods such as parathas, as these cause lethargy.

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#3 Tackle the afternoon energy dip

If you experience a dip in energy around 4-5 p.m, have a slice of wholewheat toast with peanut butter, or a handful of mixed nuts. This snack will stabilize your sugar level and up your energy.

Keep in mind that natural carbohydrates are a better fuel for the body than processed ones, made with white flour and sugar.

Mix nuts on a wooden background.

#4 Move more

Ask any energetic person to confirm the important connection between movement, and high energy. When you’re tired, just move! Go for a walk or find a workout on YouTube and do it at your convenience. Try these exercises.

Closeup notes concept for motivation for move more to stay healthy or lose weight

#5 Think positive

At the end of the day, a positive attitude is an energy booster. So, keep the company of people who are optimistic and laugh plenty. Avoid energy sapping folks who moan and complain. And if you have something on your mind, spill it out!

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