Rishaal Singh Rajan’s determination to gain weight led him to chart out an exercise and eating plan that suited his own unique needs. He tells us what it took, to gain 30 kg. 

Being too thin, is as bad as being too fat. As a lanky and skinny engineering student in Pune, in 2013, I was just another lad at the gym. I experimented with fitness equipment straight off the bat, and as a result, sustained several lower back injuries.

But in retrospect, this was the beginning of a positive, transformative journey, worth the pain. Gaining weight was just one of the many benefits.

Tired of being bullied

After a particularly unpleasant experience getting beaten up by more muscular and heavy set kids, I decided that it was time to hold my own. So I began working out by myself.  I was completely self-sufficient in my approach towards fitness. Instead of relying on a trainer or a dietitian, I decided to put to use the resources available to me.

I scoured the internet and did my homework on every aspect of fitness I could imagine. Apart from the fear of being led astray by trainers who may not have my best interests at heart, I needed to keep in mind my limited budget, as a college student. The internet has served me well throughout my pursuits.

Since I have kidney stones, I didn’t want to run the risk of putting my health in someone else’s hands. So I charted out meal plans for myself after extensive research and thought, ensuring I consumed 260 gm of protein every day.

My fitness routine

#1 My morning routine involved cardio, kick-boxing, and calisthenics; and after rigorous research and experimentation, I eventually went on to heavy weight training as well.

#2 I carried my meals to college and would keep up the diet plans I’d charted out, regardless of the hectic class schedules, even if it meant preparing shakes at the back bench and gulping them down between classes.

Tackling the plateau

Eventually, I hit a plateau; this meant that I needed to change my routine to be able to bulk up further. However, I rose to the occasion, and avoided any unfair or dishonest means; I’d like to point out here, that I’ve never taken a mass gainer.

This is simply to reiterate the fact that it is not as difficult as it may seem to gain muscle – if a lanky, inexperienced, engineering student can do it, relying only on his own resources whilst simultaneously juggling classes, then so can you. All it takes is going the extra mile. If you’re willing to walk it, you’ll reach your destination slowly but surely.

Rishaal Singh Rajan

Eating frequent meals

Seeing as my metabolism was really high, and further, keeping in mind my goal of bulking up, I had to consume something every 2 hours. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for me to function, let alone achieve my goal. In retrospect, I didn’t do justice to my body in the first year of my transformation.

I bloated severely, since I didn’t eat thoughtfully. Thereafter, however, I paid more attention to my needs and gave my diet greater thought. And here I am. From 47 kg to 76 kg – across a span of 3 and a half years.

Brain wins over brawn

All I’d like to say, is that before brawn, comes the brain. I learnt that, even to achieve a seemingly difficult goal, if one simply applies oneself and sets their eyes on the ball, nothing can stop them from achieving the task. Work smart, but work hard too!

Foreverfit Rishaal Singh Rajan (2)