Read how dermatologist Indu Ballani discovered a diet that changed her perception of diets and weight loss and improved her fitness level.

Despite my regular exercise routine, I was not losing any weight. In fact, the belly fat wouldn’t budge and well wishers kept telling me to go on a diet.  But, this was a scary thought, since my perception of diets was that they were all about starving and punishing yourself.

Then, I came across Rujuta Diwekar’s book Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight. This totally changed my perception of eating, and I began to realize that we should eat well, without loading on the calories.

Rujuta advocates healthy, common-sense eating. The truth is that there is a fine line between making smart nutritional choices, and balancing your calories.

Eating correctly has to be a lifelong commitment, says Rujuta and your diet must reflect this. Here are her 4 eating principles:

#1 Never wake up to tea or coffee.

Starting the day with a caffeinated drink may jolt you out of sleep, but it also increases your stress level, since your blood pressure and heart rate escalate. The feeling of stress in the body in turn hampers fat burning.

So have some real food in the morning, like fruit dry fruit or milk. Ayurveda also says the best meals are the morning and afternoon meals, as they can be digested efficiently. I surrendered my cup of tea, for a piece of fruit. And I saw that my blood pressure was lower!

hot coffee fresh coffee coffee in cup heart shape coffee coffee and woman and coffee with red nail coffee ready to drink coffee on the table / hot coffee with heart shape coffee foam
I never wake up to tea or coffee.

#2  Eat every 2 hours.

Eating frequently does not make you fat if you eat sensibly. You should eat within 15-20 min of waking up, and breakfast can be taken after an hour or so. Then you should eat something every 2 or 2.5 hours. This leads to less dependence on stimulants, and the body starts burning more calories and storing less fat.

Adhering to this rule was difficult to follow in the beginning, due to my work schedule. But now I just take a 5 min break and have some peanuts, or chana or curd. One of the biggest benefits of frequent eating, is that I’m less tired. Also, I am not so voraciously hungry at dinner-time.

#3 Eat more when you are more active, and less when you are less active 

Most of us get fat because we eat at the wrong time . When we are going to bed at night we over feed ourselves, and when we work throughout the day, we tend to forget to eat properly. Change this pattern, and you will see the difference.

Different Type Of Ready Tasty Meals In Foil Containers On The Table
Eat small meals every 2 hours.

#4 Finish your last meal, at least 2 hours prior to sleeping 

As already mentioned we need to eat less post sunset and as our activities wind down. Even in yoga and Ayurveda an early dinner is advocated for staying slim. At night even the digestive tract  wants to relax, so it will not absorb all nutrients from your dinner.

So overall an early dinner will make you feel hungry in the morning and this in turn would help you follow the whole mentioned schedule .

Reduced my belly fat

When I started following these 4 principles along with my exercise schedule (which includes weight training , running , cycling or swimming) I began getting compliments on my toned appearance!

Though I didn’t shed many kilos, I did manage to lose my belly fat. Also I feel that my stamina has improved, and I can run better now.

It has been rightly said “You are what you eat.” So be smart, and eat right to get the most from your workout.