Anupriya Kapur is a marathoner and mother, who says that running has liberated her and lifted her life. She offers tips for all those women out there who want to build their running skills.

Every woman has a defining a moment in her life. Anupriya Kapur’s was in 2010, when she attempted a 50-km trail event in Philippines. “After my son was born, I was not in the best of health. Being with runners inspired me to get fit again,” she says.

Since then, she has added many accolades to her name. Aside from successfully completing the Bhati Lakes Ultra marathon in 2014 she also earned a seventh finish in her category in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, 2015. An ultra marathoner and mother, Anupriya maintains a popular blog called momonthe which reflects her free spirit and also her natural style of running.

What running means to her

“Running changes you forever. Some changes are obviously bigger and more apparent. But most times we don’t even realize the subtle changes that transform us slowly and for life.”

The biggest change that a woman undergoes when she starts running, says Anupriya, is that she stops being self-conscious and her inner strength multiplies by leaps and bounds. Running liberates her, and enables an emptying of her mind. “With every run, I feel my body getting stronger, the endurance increasing. I never knew that feeling strong felt so good,” she says.

How she squeezes running into her hectic schedule

When asked how this self-taught runner manages to squeeze fitness into her hectic schedule, her answer is simple, “Life is about balance. I have ensured that my 9-year-old son is as independent as possible and have made him understand the importance of fitness and running in my life.”

She has taught her son to appreciate her absence when she’s training, and instead of throwing tantrums, Kabir bids her goodbye in a positive manner, saying  ‘all the best,’ ‘enjoy your workout,’ or ‘have fun.’

This enables her to live in the moment, and also find balance between different aspects of her life:  running practice, mothering her son, and caring for her pet dog. “Training for any run requires discipline, regularity, and determination,” she adds.

Anupriya’s tips

  • Work on the core first. “Concentrate on strength training because that is where most women are lacking. I know because I have been there and struggled through it.”
  • Nutrition is at the center of any physical activity. “Eat well, but in moderation,” she says. While many people feel that eating less than you burn leads to weight loss, the fact is that you should eat only when you are really hungry and in small quantities. “I eat everything but mostly avoid the ‘heavy’ stuff. I eat ghee but stay away from fried foods,” she says.
  • Invest in a good pair of running shoes and a sports bra for women.
  • Join a running group, since this helps keep motivation levels high and also ensures safety, especially for women athletes.