Ace tennis player Prateek Bhambri says he eats eggs, dry fruit and nuts to keep his energy high, on the tennis court

Any good workout should include a warm up and a cool down session. the former prepares the muscles for the strain of exercise, while latter helps the body handle post-exercise strain better. Besides this, another factor that determines your performance in the gym, or court, is the food you eat.

Tennis player and coach Prateek Bhambri says his sport requires rigorous training and a high energy level. So, he makes sure he fuels his body well. “The aim is to eat enough proteins and carbs according to your daily burn rate. The intake of both should be high enough to supplement all the carbs you burn.”

One of Prateek’s secret energy fillers is a handful of dry fruit and nuts.”This nugget sized snack is packed with energy, and forms an important part of my diet.” Other than this, Prateek feels that the individual diets should be varied, depending on the time spent on training, and level of intensity.

For him, a pre-workout meal includes eggs, fruits, and sandwiches. However, his post workout meal is composed mainly of proteins. ” I have a high protein shake or meal, preferably within 15 minutes of ending my workout,” he says. Prateek signs off by saying, “The goal is to keep the intake of energy foods balanced throughout the day. Distribute your food intake between 6 to 8 meals a day, for the best results.”