A fitness enthusiast and mother of two, Preeti Kumar tells Foreverfit how her interest in fitness, led to her transition from a full-time housewife, to training to be a yoga instructor at the Sivananda Yoga Centre. Today, Preeti teaches yoga to 55 students. 

It’s hard to imagine that I was just a homemaker and mother of two till recently. Only in 2017 did I launch my career as a professional yoga instructor. But I started on my fitness journey 10 years ago, after I became a mother.

Foreverfit- Preeti with her family

Motivated to care better for my family

My weight rose after having kids, and I started suffering from various health problems. This impacted me emotionally, and I made a decision to take better care of myself.  So, I started aerobics. My sole motivation was to care better for my family!

Yoga has always attracted me

For 6 years, I carried on with aerobics. Later, I started enjoying weight training and joined a gym. As I became fitter, I began others to achieve their fitness goals too.

In March 2017, I moved on to joining the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Kerala. My love for yoga led me to this course, rather than the desire to be a yoga instructor.

Foreverfit- Preeti Kumar in her studio

Becoming a yoga instructor came as a surprise

I didn’t ever plan to be a yoga instructor, until my yoga teachers started praising me. They saw a potential in me which motivated me to become better every day.

I started practicing yoga rigorously, and found that I was able to perform the most advanced asanas, within a year. When I learned about the teacher’s program in Kerala, I decided to sign up for it. I saw that it would allow me to combine my love for yoga with my desire to help others get fit.

After I finished the program, I started teaching at Sivananda. Now, I have my own studio too, and teach yoga at both places, to my 55 students.

Foreverfit- Preeti kumar.

Yoga does wonders for my mind and body

Yoga is a practice that relaxes me physically, mentally and spiritually. The asanas help in toning the internal organs, strengthening you, and enabling a true understanding of who you really are. And regular practice brings inner peace, and mental balance.

Eating simple food is beneficial to my practice

I follow a very simple vegetarian diet. Simple home cooked wholesome meals are the healthiest according to me. In fact, drinking lots of water, and eating home-cooked meals have helped me stay on track.

Being consistent really counts

If you are aiming to build a healthy lifestyle, the first rule is to be consistent and disciplined about whatever you do. Taking out time to keep yourself fit and healthy. And make sure you are regular, since this is the only way to achieve your fitness goals.