Simran Singh describes how the lack of wardrobe choices triggered his fitness journey and a weight loss of 40 kg over an 8 month period.

My fitness journey began one evening when I entered a clothing store, and was told that there were no clothes in my size. They said I would have to place a special order! I was already fed up of the lack of choices when it came to clothes. Everyone kept reminding me about how unhealthy I was. Clearly, it was time to lose the flab.

In the past I had dedicated myself to getting fit, but couldn’t follow through with the right actions. But that particular incident in the clothing store, was my tipping point. From then on, I took my health seriously by making changes in my lifestyle. In particular, there was a shift in my state of mind that kept me going, no matter how hard it got.

My new weight loss and fitness routine

Today, I am 40 kg lighter than I was, in the shop. To achieve this, I’ve worked hard on my fitness, for 8 months. My exercise routine consisted of Cross Fit exercises along with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Simultaneously, I followed a strict eating plan. My diet consisted of a light breakfast, usually a bowl of oats with toned milk or a bowl of fruit.

I would finish my breakfast off with a glass of lukewarm water with some honey and lemon, to boost my metabolism. Lunch was usually a plate of salad with plain yogurt or 300 gm of chicken. My evening snack was 10 egg whites.  I would eat dinner of one roti with vegetables and yogurt at 8 pm, followed by a cup of green tea just before bed time.

Positive changes 

All these changes enabled me to run for 20 minutes straight, which was a big achievement. It was this, and other positive aspects of losing weight, that I kept in mind to motivate myself to shed my extra weight. Once the feeling of having achieved your goal sets in, it keeps you going, no matter the struggle.

Since then my journey towards fitness has been constant and I finally feel confident in my own skin.