Spin Cycling is a cardio boosting workout that provides multiple benefits for those who enjoy a steady form of exercise.

Spin cycling or spinning is a cardio-styled workout, found in many workout studios today. A spin class is a group activity, that lasts anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes.

Since it doesn’t involve any complex rhythm or movements, it is an ideal workout for those who enjoy a steady form of exercise. Read on, to discover 5 major benefits.

#1 A complete body workout
Spinning is not just about stationary cycling. Spin classes also make use of resistance bands and weights are sure to test your limits. While cycling is great for your legs, spin methods also focus on using other big muscle groups in the body, delivering a full-body workout.

Spinning is a non-competitive and low-impact form of movement, and you can control every aspect of the activity-from intensity to speed and resistance.

#2 Burns those calories
You are sure to experience some weight loss if you have been spin cycling for a while now. On an average, you can expect to burn approximately 500 calories in a single spin session, when done right.

#3 Gets your heart pumping
Spinning, at its core, is a form of cardiovascular workout. You can push your limits by taking it to anaerobic levels, which will extract built-up reserves from muscles, thereby increasing your endurance over a period of time.

#4 Tones your legs
We all know how regular cycling can work wonders for our legs. Spinning can help you achieve weight loss while it shapes up your thighs, hamstrings, and calves. You will surely be able to see the difference in just a few weeks.

#5 Promotes a team spirit
Spinning is not just about improving your fitness but also about having fun together. Spin classes rely on the motivation generated by the group, so if you enjoy exercising with others, this may be a great choice.

#6 Low impact and effective
Spinning is considered more effective than most other forms of cardio such as treadmill, elliptical, or step ups, as it keeps your knees from feeling too much pressure while working large muscle groups of the lower body. It is also good for post-injury rehabilitation.

Fatigue and saddle soreness are the only disadvantages, in the beginning. Though spinning is a great cardiovascular exercise, it may not be the best choice for those seeking an extreme-biking experience.