Achy after your workout or game? Try sports massage therapy, to ease your post exercise soreness. 

If your muscles are sore after a workout, game of tennis or dance session, you may want to consider heading out for sports massage therapy. While a regular massage can relax you for sure, it doesn’t have the same benefits as a sports massage.

Differs from other kinds of massage

A sports massage impacts the connective tissue between the muscles and joints.  So, this is especially beneficial for both amateur and professional athletes. For the most part, the massage is modified on the basis of the specific sporting activity, since it should focus on overused areas of the body.

Useful before and after an event

Often, sports massage enhances pre-event preparation and lowers recovery time, after an event or training. Also, a personalized sports massage promotes flexibility and helps prevent injuries. In addition, this induces a calm, relaxed state, optimal for athletic performance.

Helps those with repetitive strain injuries

A sports massage is ideal for those with repetitive strain injuries, that are a result of intensive exercise. The techniques used in this therapy focus on specific areas of the body responsible for posture misalignment.

Experts say that sport injuries and scar tissue can also be healed through repeat treatments. In particular, these correct the habitual holding pattern of the body, break down the scar tissue, and generate new tissue.

Improves the range of motion

Research has proven that even a 30 second massage can improve hip-flexor range of motion, making this one of the main benefits of this therapy. So, do find a professional massage therapist who can create the right plan for you. And book a weekly session, for the best benefits.