Feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins when you watch Wimbledon? Just pick up a racket! Foreverfit shares some amazing health benefits of tennis. 

#1 Overall mood and health booster

Playing tennis is a great way of charging the mind and body. Besides improving your flexibility, strength, and balance, this sport also helps build coordination, muscle tone, and power.

#2 Gets your heart pumping

A session on the court increases the heart rate, and improves blood circulation. Former national tennis champion Prateek Bhambri says that 4 to 5 hours of play can build endurance and cardiac health, too.

“It boosts the  ability of the heart to perform at high intensity. Intense practice sessions help lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and keeps your joints strong.”

#3  Aids weight loss and tones your body
Unlike other forms of workout such as running or gym, tennis works the whole body. ” Even a regular 30-minute training session can help burn anywhere between 200 to 400 calories,” says Prateek.

You can step up your game, depending on your stamina and skill. The continuous forehand and backhand strokes will work wonders for  your core stability, and help tone all major muscle groups in your body.

#4 Improves speed and agility
Playing tennis regularly will exercise your whole body, making it more agile and flexible. The constant sprinting and chasing required, will improve your overall speed and reflexes. “Tennis pros know that daily training also improves focus and concentration off the court.” says Prateek.

The practice of different drills consisting of volleys, overheads and cross-court action, and hitting styles can help your body adapt to speed and power.

#5 Reduces stress
Research shows that people who play tennis have lower levels of depression and anxiety. The focus and the fast-paced action of the game alleviates negative thinking, and also works as a mood booster.

Experts suggest that you practice rigorously, to reduce your stress level. Research says that tennis increases the secretion of the ‘happy-hormones’ called endorphins, responsible for a positive mood and stress relief.