Badminton is an enjoyable and intensive sport, with many health benefits. Foreverfit tells you about these.  

#1 Promotes weight loss and builds endurance

One hour of badminton burns 450 to 500 calories. Also, the game helps improve your endurance levels, and flexibility.  In addition, this sport works out every muscle in the body; calves, hamstrings, butt, quads, arms, and back muscles. As ace badminton player Bhavya Rishi puts it,  “Badminton is not only just a sport but an entire fitness regime.”

For this reason, players must make sure they focus on post-play recovery. “A post play snack or meal that contains both good-quality carbohydrate and protein within an hour of activity is ideal for optimum recovery.

Water, sports drinks, juice, lime-water sweet/salt and coconut water are all healthy drink options, ideal for hydration,” advises Bhavya.

Father and son playing badminton.Family with activity.Zoom in

#2 Keeps the vitals under check

Badminton boosts heart health by raising the good cholesterol level and reducing the basal heart rate by a few beats per minute. In addition, it reduces the blood pressure.

#3 Improves concentration and sleep

The single most important skill possessed by great badminton players, are quick reflexes. So, regular play builds their focus and alertness, resulting in an improvement in neuro-muscular coordination and observational skills. Also, the relaxation and calm induced by the game, improves your general mood and regularises your sleep.

Like other sports, badminton induces the production of happy hormones called endorphins, which stimulate positive emotions and happiness. Hence, play is very good therapy for stress, anxiety, and depression.

So pick up that racket, and shuttle your way to strength and fitness today!