Foreverfit introduces you a list of top fitness communities you can join in Delhi, apart from our own thriving community, of course! 

Bored with working out alone? If you can’t find yourself a workout buddy, then do check out these fitness groups. They’re an ideal option if you’re looking for some company, while you get fit. So choose one, and join up. Here are some recommendations:


 RunXtreme is a group of runners, of different ages. They throw on their running shoes and train through the week, holding sessions on both weekdays and weekends. So whether you’re looking to get in shape, or train for a marathon, join them to help get into the groove.

You can get in touch with them through their Facebook group.

Pedal Yatri

This Gurgaon-based group cycles together every day.  Pedal Yatri is for those who enjoy cycling as a hobby, and want to get fit too. The group arranges rides during the week, and on the weekend.  You can read the details of rides on the group page here

You can decide on whether you’re up for it, based on how rigorous you’d like your workout to be. Just remember that you need yourown gear (cycles, helmets and the like). Also, be ready to dabble in different levels of difficulty and length. 

Delhi Cyclists Club

DCC is the Delhi chapter for cycling enthusiasts, across age groups. The cyclists have fun while they build endurance and stamina. More experienced members of the group also help educate others about riding, gear and techniques.

You can reach out to them on their Facebook group.

Delhi Walks

Walkers are fit for life, goes the saying. Delhi Walks elaborates on this concept, by allowing you to explore the city on foot. You can browse through old and new areas, since  founder Sachin Bansal has made the walks interesting and informative.  But do remember that walking is not for fitness freaks. Its simply a more active way of being.


Looking for a new challenge to increase your agility and amp your skills? Look no further than Delhi’s first indoor skating park, SK8 . You could be getting on a board for the first time, or may even be be a seasoned skater. It doesn’t matter, since everyone is welcome. Members of SK8 share tips and tricks, adding to the fun factor.

You may spot them on the street once in a while, but their regular spot is in their facility, in Saket. Contact them on via their Facebook group.


For the uninitiated, slacklining involves walking and balancing on a flat webbed fabric line, between two points. Think tightrope-walking. Only, the tension between the point is less, as is the distance from the ground. As you can probably imagine, slacklining requires focus, agility and immense control.

Originally popularized by Enrico Fabian in Delhi, today Slactivism has its fair share of fans, who meet every week in a park to practice. All are welcome, and essential tools are patience and enthusiasm. Once you become proficient at this activity, you can buy your own line.

Find their Facebook group for more details here.

Delhi Drum Circle

Most folks underestimate the power of music to boost mental well-being and sharpen the mind. Enter the Delhi Drum Circle, an informal community of people who meet up to play hand-drums. Any time spent with them beating a drum is sure to work out those upper arm muscles.

Think of it as a freestyle jam session in the outdoors, where you can try a new skill. Find out more here.

Bootcamps at Siri Fort Sports Complex

Do you detest gyms and enjoy outdoor sports? If yes, then check out the Krish Fitness Academy bootcamp, at the Siri Fort Sports Complex. This bootcamp consists of acombination of body weight training and cardiovascular workouts, and is held on weekends  Join up for a trial, if you’re unsure about whether it’s the right fit for you.So get in touch with them, on their Facebook page.