Enjoy jumping into the pool without showering? Splashing others? Foreverfit offers tips to swimmers on pool manners. 

Swimming is an extremely refreshing activity during the summertime. But like any other kind of communal exercise, enjoyment depends upon good manners.

Time spent larking about in the water with family or friends can easily turn sour if one displays unruly behaviour or lack of consideration. Follow these guidelines to make sure you and fellow swimmers have a good time!

#1 Dress cool for the pool

Make sure that you have appropriate swimwear, that isn’t hanging by a thread or floppy from worn out elastic. While it’s important for you to be comfortable at the pool, your fellow swimmers need not be subjected to a view they didn’t sign up for.

Ensure that your swimming gear is in good condition (consider that lycra tends to lose elasticity over time), and decent looking. 

#2 Avoid splashing

While it may be fun and exciting to splash around, this tendency is likely to agitate and annoy fellow swimmers. It may interrupt someone’s routine, or simply cause them discomfort.

So, keep the splashing to a minimum, and practice mindfulness for those around you.

#3 Allow people to overtake

It is common courtesy to gently tap on a person’s foot if one intends to overtake them, or is seeking a clear path. Hence, it is important to respond swiftly and courteously to such a request for space to overtake. Make way immediately if someone requests room to pass by.

#4 Avoid a grand(ly annoying) entrance

While getting splashed in the pool is a real annoyance, it is even more aggravating to get doused when dry and relaxing by the poolside. Hence, think twice before making a giant splash, or diving into the pool with considering who may suffer.

Apart from drenching those in the vicinity, you may just injure someone, or yourself. You may even distract fellow swimmers from their own respective routines as well.

#5 Polite pass

While allowing people to pass by you is important, in case you are the one swimming by, it is important to not injure or harm your fellow swimmers; it is possible that one of your flailing limbs may catch and injure those you are passing.

Hence exercise precaution in passing by, and keep your limbs in check at all times.

#6 What happens underwater, does not stay there

Remember, pools are not places to urinate or pass air; it is highly disruptive and unfair to subject the fellow swimmers to one’s bodily functions. Try to use the restroom before entering the pool and excuse yourself if you have to visit it again.

Be mindful of sanitary factors and general courtesy. It is unwise to believe that it is easy to get away with such acts, since even underwater, bubbles tell their own stories.

# 7 No short ‘cuts’

For reasons of hygiene, you must refrain from entering the pool if you have any open wounds or cuts, or bandages, or rashes.

To avoid passing on infections, you must conduct an inventory of your body and identify any wounds, rashes, boils, before deciding whether you are fit enough to enter the pool. Do shower before you jump in, and after your swim too.