Swimming builds the mind-body connection and is a great sport for every age group. Foreverfit gives you 4 reasons to head straight to the pool.  

If there’s one time of the year you want to burn calories without sweating, it’s the summer. That’s why you must head to the pool. Aside from cooling you down, swimming is a very effective workout that boosts the metabolism, and builds the core.

This sport is a great stress reliever, which imposes least burden on the joints and muscles. According to National swimming champion Radhika Saxena,”Swimming requires great time management and a rhythmic co-ordination, thereby building stamina and balance that is beneficial in life.”

Be healthy and fit, before you jump into a pool

But before you jump into that blue oasis, just make sure you are fit and healthy. Don’t swim if you have a cold, or any other infection. Also, do don appropriate swimwear, which includes a costume, cap and goggles to protect your eyes from the chemicals in the pool.

Ace swimmers stress on the importance of maintaining a healthy routine, in general. Being fit improves a swimmer’s performance in the pool. ” Getting enough sleep and adequate nutrition are important for all swimmers,” says Radhika.

In addition, she suggests other forms of exercise such as core workouts and running short sprints. In her case, these activities plus yoga and sprint triathlons during winter, have transformed her abilities as a swimmer.

Radhika’s benefits

#1 Promotes holistic well being

Swimming is one of the most complete forms of exercise, that can burn up to 500 calories in just an hour. Apart from it’s physical benefits, swimming also improves the mental health by reducing stress.

In addition, energy medicine practitioners believe that swimming is the best way to balance the energy centres of the body, since this creates a sense of balance and well-being.

#2 Good for the bones and joints

Unlike any other aerobic exercise, swimming is joint-friendly. It is an excellent form of physiotherapy for those suffering from joint problems or recovering from ligament or bone injury. That’s because because the human body becomes lighter in the water.

In fact, pros say the body bears only about 25% to 35% of its weight while immersed chest-deep in water. Therefore, the pool is a great place to get those stiff muscles and sore joints moving, particularly for those with arthritis.

#3 Ideal for cross-training

Swimming is the best form of cardiovascular exercise, for all age groups. So do consider giving up your boring gym training- at least for now- and enjoy a refreshing swim instead. This sport will help improve blood circulation and enhances overall performance and stamina, offering a competitive edge to those training for marathons.

#4 Good for your lungs

One of the biggest health benefits of swimming, is its impact on the lungs. So, this is good for those who suffer from breathing ailments, such as asthma.

Research has found that swimmers tend to have an increased tidal volume (the air circulation moving in and out of the lungs during relaxed breathing process), in comparison to runners.