The no frills approach of a boot camp makes this the ultimate fitness package. Foreverfit shares the benefits of this workout for every age group. 

Keen to kick-start your fitness routine? Then, join a boot camp, since this is a sure way to get results. Boot camps are a great way to help you achieve your health and fitness goals: weight loss, high energy level, improved fitness, and so on.

In addition, boot camps provide the ideal opportunity to folks keen on learning about a variety of exercises. Since the routine varies in most camps, participants can check out the response of their bodies to different movements.

# 1 High on intensity

As boot camp style routines are adapted from military training routines, they combine weight training and high-intensity cardio intervals. Ultimately, this combination packs a double whammy:  weight loss and muscle building at the same time.

In fact, a 30 minute workout at a boot camp is the equivalent of a one-hour workout in your gym. According to fitness trainer Aditi Sabharwal, “boot camps are high on intensity and boost the cardiovascular system. A high-intensity workout burns more calories than running at a steady pace.”

foreverfit- group workout

#2 Inculcate motivation and discipline

Many of us lack the motivation to be regular gym goers, especially if we work out alone. If you are one of these people, a workout partner or boot camp is a good alternative.

Being in the company of others also keen to get fit, will build your routine and help you adhere to it. Also, since fitness involves healthy eating, you can gain plenty of tips from other camp participants. Aside from guiding your workouts, camp instructors offer nutritional advice to help create a healthy eating routine.

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#3 Working out with others is fun

Since boot camps are held in groups, they help build relationships and gain motivation. Each participant motivates the other, and you are more likely to stick to your routine. Once these workouts are habitual, you will be motivated and confident enough to maintain them.

As Aditi puts it, “boot camps are highly motivating and varied. You can go for group workouts, partner workouts, or individual sessions. Being outdoors adds to the health value.”

# 4 You get faster results

Hard core training provided in a boot camp, combined with good nutrition is the mantra of many fit people. Importantly, the consistent workout and healthy routine may be all you need, to kick-start a fitness routine. So get out there, and get going!

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