Udit Chauhan says he followed a self-determined plan to build his fitness and lose 10 kg.

Over a span of 5 months, from May, 2016 to October 2016, I went from 90 kg to 80 kg. I commenced my journey in September 2012, when I began visiting the gym, as a personal goal, with the aim of becoming healthy. Fortunately, my parents encouraged me and supported my decision to devote time to my body.

Balancing act was required

At first, it proved challenging to balance my professional life with my pursuit of fitness. Also, I had to find a way to get enough rest and nutrition. So, I began by changing my diet.

First, I devoted the first two months to building muscle, through the regular consumption of carbohydrate rich food. Thereafter, I switched and directed my focus towards protein; boiled pulses with brown rice formed an integral part of my diet.

Soon, I experimented with quitting salt, to make a greater difference to my routine. I enlisted the help of a professional trainer and worked day and night to realise my dream.

Summoning up my own voice

For many people, external factors are the main motivators, towards achieving a fit lifestyle and a healthy physique. While that is perfectly alright, I found that an internal, self-driven approach works better for me. We are our biggest critics and our biggest motivators. Therefore, it was vital for me that it was a personal goal and not an externally driven goal to become fit.

Incorporating fitness into my life

Over the three years that I have been involved in the fitness community, notwithstanding the months of my transformation, I have learnt so much about myself.

Fitness and the struggle to attain it, has taught me the value of patience, of hard work, and of determination. It is not important to make a huge alteration at once. Even a simple walk or an hour spent on the treadmill is a good base to build on.

As a working man, I wake up at 7, reach the office at 9:30, leave from there at 6, and reach the gym straightaway at 7. All that is required is strength of will and positivity. You can do it- you just don’t know it yet!

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