Whether you’re a felon, or just an introverted wallflower who likes to stay indoors, don’t break a sweat just yet! Foreverfit brings you the ultimate home workout. 

#1 Weighted push-ups

Grab a backpack and fill it with books, rocks, or plastic bags of sand from your garden. Sling on the backpack until it is reasonably heavy and try a couple of push-ups.

Try this once you are comfortable with regular push-ups and can last through at least 10Regulate the weight on your back as per your comfort and capacity, and increase it eventually.

#2  Front backpack squats

This is similar to the previous exercise. This time, just sling the backpack across your front and lower yourself into a squat. Make sure you don’t let your knees cross your toes- use a mirror (or ask your parole officer for help haha!). Again, be conscious of your own capabilities and adjust the weight according to your comfort.

#3 The clean sweep

Fill two similar sized detergent containers with sand, or locate two similar sized storage jars from your kitchen, and fill them with the same quantities of pulses, rice, or sand. These will function as stand-in dumbbells. Now hold the containers in outstretched arms and lower yourself into a squat.

In a gentle, slow, sweeping motion, rotate your torso in a clockwise direction as far as you can go. Allow your outstretched arms to follow this turn as well, like the hands of a clock. Return to the squat position, and rise slowly, lowering your arms gently. Rest, and then repeat in the opposite direction.

Foreverfit- Running Man On Stairs

#4 The German drill

This exercise puts a unique spin on the popular warm-up drill. Locate a set of stairs indoors. Depending on the flight of stairs, demarcate 4 sections with particlaur end points, in ascending order.

Then, follow the drill, running up till section 1, coming back to the ground floor, and running up till section 2, then coming back again, and so on. Focus on completing the drill well, rather than doing it in a short span of time and risking a fall.

Foreverfit- pull up

#5 Pull-ups

Investing in a pull-up bar could be a long term benefit in case you’re looking to make your home workout a regular feature in your life. Install it in the most ideal spot and get going against gravity!