Lured by the fantasy of a quick physical transformation, Varun Sharma blindly fell for his trainer’s prescription of body-building steroids. Read about the life-threatening complications he developed, and his journey of recovery.

Three years ago, life was good. I was growing both professionally and personally. I usually started my day with a 6-km run, followed by a couple of hours of workout in the gym. After this, I headed to the office to take care of my business.

Ambitious about fitness 

Salman Khan was my inspiration for a muscular physique. Though I had good muscle mass, I wanted a well-defined six pack like him. So when a friend recommended a trainer, I started training with him, with the expectation that he would help me reach my fitness goals.

Blind faith was misplaced

The trainer prescribed some supplements and powders, and I took them without bothering to question him. My justification is that this trainer had helped others transform rapidly, and assured me his prescription had no side-effects.

My lack of knowledge combined with blind trust in my trainer was my downfall. At first, I was thrilled with the amazing impact of these steroids and supplements on my body. I ignored my high-anxiety and breathing problems, and kept taking the pills and powders.

One day, my body reached a break point

While partying with my friends at a night club, I fainted. At the hospital, doctors detected an infection in my heart, and said that my gall bladder was full of fluid. They started treating me, and I was recovering.

But on the 4th day, I suffered a life-threatening brain stroke. I was in a coma for 45 days after the stroke. When I woke up, the left half of my body completely paralyzed. Experts said the prolonged abuse of steroids and supplements was to blame.

Foreverfit- Varun Sharma proved the doctors wrong

I pushed my limits and proved the doctors wrong

Doctors told my family that I would be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. It was disheartening to hear this, but I took this as a challenge to myself.

I started physiotherapy as soon as I came home. Since I’d made up my mind to push hard, I repeated the exercises I performed with my physiotherapist twice more, with my nurse.

A year later, I was able to walk by myself. Currently, I do a 90-minute intense physiotherapy session in the morning.  In the evening I work out for 90-minutes in the gym. My body has recovered 40% of its functions, and gets better every day. My disability has taught me that self-belief, hard-work and a positive attitude really helps in the recovery process.

Foreverfit- Varun Sharma Family support

My family was a pillar of strength

My biggest blessing is the support I have from my family.  My cousin Dhruv rushed to Delhi from USA as soon as he heard about my stroke. He and his family paid for my treatment. My uncle Deepak was also by my side, all the way through. And my sister managed my responsibilities, in my absence.

Do not blindly trust your fitness trainer

But my main message, after this ordeal is:Do not blindly follow what your gym trainer says. Don’t abuse steroids and supplements. Even if you plan on taking supplements, please consult a certified expert or a nutritionist.

Taking a shortcut may seem like a good idea. But what comes easy, goes easy.  In the end, there is no substitute for hard-work.