Vaishali Nagpal tells us how her disgust at being an overweight young woman with achy knees was strong enough, to push her into achieving a weight loss of 29 kg. 

My journey began in the summer of 2015. I was overweight and miserable. But over the course of the next year, I lost 29 kg, and gained confidence, a healthy lifestyle, and mental relief.

My poor physique had taken its toll on my joints, with my knee beginning to show signs of pain and disharmony with my body. I had trouble sitting and standing, since my legs were weak due to my inactive lifestyle. Consequently, I was upset at being  a 28-year-old with health problems.

In my mind, I was too young to be so unhealthy. So I decided to change my situation, and take the path less travelled (by me).

Easing myself into a healthier lifestyle

I hired a personal trainer and joined the gym. Luckily, my trainer was smart, and forbade me to make too many changes at one time, since there was too much to tackle. Instead, I eased myself into a healthy lifestyle one step at a time. At first, I gradually cut down on my consumption of rotis, tea and rice, and replaced these with vegetables, poha, porridge, and so on.

Simultaneously, I did a daily workout, that comprised of cardio, weight training and strength training. Me and my trainer would focus on two body parts at a time, and build strength in every part. But one day, my body got used to the routine, and I stopped losing weight. So, I took the routine up a notch often.

Raising the pitch of my workout

I gradually increased the weights I used, from 5 kg to 7.5 kg, and then the 10 kg, according to my body’s needs. Initially, it was difficult for me to follow my instructor. After a while, I stopped measuring myself, because it became quite demotivating when I couldn’t see immediate changes.

But this did not overshadow my dream of seeing a fitter version of myself in the future. And to motivate myself, I made it a point to buy new clothes.  I was thrilled to be able to fit into Medium sized clothes, instead of XXL sized clothes!

The journey has not been an easy one; but my family has been a pillar of strength and support throughout this period.

 Vaishali Nagpal (6)-side

More work ahead of me

Presently, I have lost a considerable amount of weight.  While I’m happy with my progress, I believe my journey is far from over. My current focus is to tone my body, and to this end I have been consuming great quantities of protein, mainly chicken and eggs.

Having said that, I do believe in rewarding my taste buds every now and then. Every 10th or 12th day, I give myself the luxury of eating whatever I may choose to, though my favourite treats are still pizzas and burgers.

Changed outlook

My journey from being overweight, to trimming down, has empowered me. At the end of the day, I’m far more positive in my thinking, than I was before. That one hour of working out, is an hour without worries, an hour where I don’t think about my office, or my family, or any other concerns. My workout hour is one of pure self improvement and dedication that I cherish greatly.

All I’d like to say is that fitness is an ongoing journey. It is like a river that never stops flowing. But to be a part of this journey, you must sacrifice a lot. It takes months and years of dedication and hard work to attain your goals. But in the end, they definitely bear fruit.

So, good luck on your journey!