Aditya Mohan tells you how visualization of his workout beforehand, helps him get the best results. 

I’ve always been able to visualize things clearly. So it hardly surprising that my first paid job was that of a creative conceptualizer. In fact, my ability to visualize effectively has also been particularly useful in the gym.

Running my workout through my head

Let me explain how. Half half an hour before I leave for the gym, I usually go through my entire workout in my head. Beginning with the warm up, I envision each exercise, number of steps and reps, and so on. Since I’m so self critical and analytical, I also go over my strengths and weaknesses.

Images of myself struggling through a particular exercise, and breezing through another, drift through my mind. Conducting this visualization exercise helps improve my workout in many ways.

Lays out a map to follow

For one, you’ll never find me in the gym just wandering off or looking lost, since the image I hold serves as a definite game action plan, from the word go.  For another, my practice of visualization has empowered me to handle unexpected events too, such as a lineup of people for a particular machine, or a machine being out of order.

Because I’ve already gone through the workout in my head well in advance, it doesn’t take much time to adapt. I just look for an alternative and move on, instead of standing around and wasting time.

Helps me get through the tough stuff

The third way in which my power to visualize helps in the gym, is by helping me with the tough stuff. Some parts of the workout aren’t my strong point, but subconscious preparation activates a default setting. This triggers my energy reserves, increasing focus and improving my performance by at least 10-15%.

Visualise the differences to make

Another way I use my ability to visualize, is by running a summary or highlights of the workout through my head last thing at night.  Somewhere in the corner of my mind, I tuck away notes that come in handy for my next gym session. These could relate to a move that I didn’t make well, or a variation I tried that was actually more effective than the original.

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Advance preparation always helps

The gym is like a factory to me, a production and manufacturing unit where stuff is being assembled. Getting the process streamlined really counts, especially when it comes to the challenging parts. So, why not be better prepared in your head? Use the power of visualization, like great athletes have done for centuries. It’s easier than you imagine, so just try it, before you head to the gym next.