Simrun Chopra began gaining weight after her wedding, but ignored the problem until her excess weight caused health problems. Depressed and tired of the negative spiral, she decided to take action to get into shape. Here is her story. 

Have you ever noticed how weight just creeps up on you post your wedding? A kilo here, a kilo there, nothing that you notice until your clothes don’t fit. You convince yourself, it’s just a couple of kilos and that it’s not a big deal.

My excess weight didn’t seem like an issue to me, until I developed health problems.

Foreverfit- Simrun Chopra

Weight gain escalated after delivery

The trouble began after the birth of my baby boy. My eating was out of control, and I justified this by telling myself: l“After all, I am feeding.” Before I realised what was happening, I had already gained 20 more kilos.

By now, my depression was intense. The Polycystic ovarian disorder I suffered from, made matters worse.   My self-esteem was so low during this period, that I had started avoiding social gatherings.

My back packed up

My weight and lack of strength stressed my back, and one day it just collapsed. At the time, I was home alone with my 3-month-old baby. The doctors diagnosed problems in my discs, that included one degenerated one. Though the pain was excruciating, I couldn’t take meds since I was feeding my baby.

Things got from bad to worse. Sitting in one place led my back to freeze, and I couldn’t stand up. In addition, I couldn’t go to the movies, or even sit down comfortably for a meal dinner. Though the pain subsided in 3 months, it kept recurring.

My doctors advised me to  lose weight, and strengthen my core, hamstrings and back. So, I began dieting, which meant ‘eat less, eat less’ to me. But I lost just a couple of kilos. More importantly, my back didn’t improve.

Being mocked at was the last straw

One day a close friend told me that I look like a “beached whale.” That really hurt! But today, I’m glad he said this. The truth stung, but I was driven to do something real to lose the excess weight.

Back then, I had a misconception that gyms are boring, and working out will make me bulky. Still, I reached out to a friend who had lost her post-partum weight with the help of a personal trainer, and decided to speak to him.

Foreverfit- Simrun Chopra

A trainer put me on track

When I met my friend’s trainer, I was confused about joining the gym. But, his confidence and knowledge was reassuring. He convinced me that I was capable of transformation. Since that time, there’s been no looking back. My new trainer prioritized my back and health issues, saying that weight loss would follow.

I showed up to the gym every day, and ate exactly what he told me to. We did a strength training 3 times a week, and HIIT cardio on the other 3 days.  Sunday was a rest day.

I lost 4 kg in the first month,  and felt great. Within 5 months, I dropped 4 sizes and lost 22 kg. Amazingly, my PCOS corrected itself and my back recovered strength. It was incredible!

My diet is well-balanced

I have made it a point to avoid fad diets, and ensure my body gets the nutrition it needs. As a rule, I avoid carbonated beverages, refined sugar and flour, and all sweeteners, fried or oily food, and processed foods.

For lunch and dinner, I have big bowls of sabzi, dal or channa etc, yogurt and a salad along with a roti.  Also, I make sure that I have a good source of protein- chicken, eggs, legumes, lentil, paneer or yoghurt- once a day.

Foreverfit- Simrun Chopra

Helping other moms 

My excess weight created lots of health problems, and now that I have overcome these, I want to pass on my knowledge. Now, I enjoy helping other moms like me who are suffering with health issues.

My advice for each of them is: start by finding a physical activity that works for you, and one you can stick to. Compliment it with a well-balanced meal. Finally, make a move towards getting healthy for yourself, and you transform your whole life.