Maintaining weight loss calls for a watchful attitude and careful eating and diet plan designed to help you avoid pitfalls.

Ever struggled to lose weight, and then keep it off? If your answer is yes, then you know how hard it is to keep the kilos from creeping back on. Research shows that 90% of those who have lost a huge amount of weight tend to regain a substantial amount within five years.

But here’s the good news. At least 60% of those who have lost modest amounts of weight, do manage to keep it off. You can do it to, by making some strategic changes in your diet and exercise plan, post weight loss.

Calorie counting and food with labels concept
Calorie counting and food with labels concept

Here are some scientifically proven techniques to maintain your weight loss:

#1 Revise your calorie intake

Now that you are in maintenance mode, you can eat more than you were during your dieting phase. But you can’t have much more, since your body’s metabolism has adjusted based on your lower calorie intake.

Get some help from an expert or go online (to weight planner) to determine how many calories you can safety consume, based on your new body weight.

#2 Weigh yourself every day

Those who step on the scale to check their weight daily are more likely to keep the kilos off than those who don’t, say studies.

Though a pound or two shouldn’t upset you, the idea is to keep the figure from mounting. If you gain 2 kg, then you need to figure out how to lose them and make essential changes in your diet and exercise plan.

#3 Get enough sleep

One factor many dismiss is the role of stress in promoting weight gain. Getting enough sleep is crucial to many aspects of health, such as appetite control, stress reduction, and so on. So make sleep a priority, and schedule time for restful activities such as yoga and meditation.

#4 Maintain a regular exercise routine

Don’t slack off on the exercise now that you’ve reached your ideal weight. Bear in mind that you will find it easier to eat normally and even cheat once in a while if you put in your six hours of exercise a week.

Find a way to include 20 minute sessions of exercise, twice or thrice a day. Go for a 20 minute walk in the morning, do yoga for 20 minutes mid-day, and walk, swim or cycle in the evening. Go for regular strength training too, as this is effective in burning fat and boosting metabolism.