Fitness and wellness coach Vinay Sangwan offers smart weight loss advice that has worked for his clients.

Ever tried to lose weight and given up in despair? Be it trending diets, exercise gadgets or weight loss pills, the options for shedding those extra kilos are multiple. But achieving your goals is another matter entirely. Sifting through the weight loss wisdom out there, and arriving at what works is hard work.

Vinay’s Weight Loss Mantras

#1 Make the right start

“Often, people have difficulty getting started or taking that first step, which is the most critical part. Begin with regression-oriented activities such as a basic brisk walk for 15 to 25 minutes every day, and gradually build up on the length and intensity,” says Vinay.

Going all out on day one might lead to physical and mental fatigue, and lower motivation to stick to a routine. So go easy at the start.

#2 Make small changes

“Apart from a daily exercise and diet plan, it’s essential to get into a more active lifestyle. For example, take the stairs instead of lift, walk to the nearby market instead of driving, or take small movement breaks while sitting at a desk. Such small changes can contribute a lot to the calorie burning process,” says Vinay.

#3 Strike a balance

“The most common mistake a person makes during the initial weight loss process is not striking a balance between exercise, diet, and rest. One either ends up over-training the body or under training it,” cautions Vinay.

Knowing and understand your diet (what, how much, and when to eat) and nutritional requirements is also crucial. Getting ample rest is important to weight loss and fitness too.

Accept that results are not visible overnight. Any changes to the body start showing only after 4 to 6 weeks and eventual transformation can happen only in a minimum of 12 weeks.

#4 Maintain a journal

Keeping a journal of your workout and diet plays a vital role in the journey to weight loss. “A journal helps you in setting and interpreting your goals/results in a much more organized manner,” feels Vinay.

#5 There’s no ‘one size fits all’ strategy

“There is no such thing as a universal diet or exercise plan. Diet and workout plans vary from person to person, based on individual requirements. Everybody responds differently to different diets and exercise.

Having said this, the ideal weight loss workout should be incorporating lots of compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and pushups, in your routine apart from cardiovascular exercises. Building up or progression is also vital,” concludes Vinay.