Krav Maga is a tactical self-defence system that teaches quick, sharp defensive movements to counter all kinds of attacks. 

A revolutionary form of self-defence, Krav Maga draws it’s inspiration from boxing, wrestling, aikido and judo. This was originally developed by a man named Imi Lichtenfeld, for the Israeli Defense Forces: in Hebrew, the word ‘Krav’ means “combat” and “maga”, means contact.

Lichenfeld was an expert street fighter, wrestler and boxer who grew up in Bratislava, Slovakia in the 1930’s. He developed Krav Maga, as a means to help defend Jewish groups from anti-Semitic riots.

Gained worldwide fame as a combat technique

A popular combat technique throughout the world today, Krav Maga prepares people to prevent, tackle, and overcome attacks. This has a strong group of followers, including special unit leaders, armed forces, and police officers.

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Employs aggressive and self-protective moves

Krav Maga prepares trainees in self-defence, self protection, fighting and combat skills. Aggression is essential, and a series of defensive and offensive maneuvers are used to neutralize the attacker. All moves are aimed at vulnerable body parts -eyes, face, neck, solar plexus, ribs, groin, knee, digits, and liver. Some may cause severe injury, or even death.

Important characteristics of Krav Maga 

#1 While extremely strenuous, Krav Maga is logical, making it easy enough to remember and follow.

#2 Proponents say that the defensive moves required in any threatening situation arise naturally, and depend upon instincts rather than memorizing any particular sequence.

#3 Self-awareness, mental toughness and tactical response are taught to every practitioner.

#4 Krav Maga teaches attacks and counter-attacks, performed at different targets, distances, ranges, heights, angles and directions. All the moves teach tactical self-defence.

# 5 All sorts of common objects can be used for defensive purposes, since this practice teaches you to defend yourself against all armed attacks and objects such as knives, bars, blunt metal weapons and all kind of firearms.

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