Kushangra Tiwari tells you how doing calisthenics regularly can improve your co-ordination, flexibility, balance and strength.

#1 No equipment needed
The most obvious benefit of calisthenics is that you practically don’t need any equipment, or too much space, to work out. In other words, you don’t have to leave home, making it a time-efficient and cost effective route to fitness.

Calisthenics can be done using a pull-up bar, a jumping rope, or a resistance band or TRX, which are dirt cheap and can be easily installed in your house.

Low-angle view of two handsome young men passionate about fitness doing dips exercise for triceps in a calisthenics park with modern equipment

#2 Full body conditioning
Most calisthenic exercises engage more than one muscle group. Take a classic push-ups, for instance. You basically work your chest (or the triceps, depending on the push-up variation). But to perform a proper push-up, you have to brace the whole body, including the quads, the glutes, the core and abs.

What is more, these muscles have to work in harmony and tone in the right moment, bringing us to the next benefit of calisthenics – coordination.

#3 Body balance and co-ordination
Apart from building strength, your coordination also improves with calisthenics. Unless the different parts of your body co-operate with each other in a rhythmic manner, you won’t be able to perform a single repetition of any exercise. Again, Calisthenics helps to improve your body’s range of movements.

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#4 Improve flexibility
Another aspect of fitness that calisthenics builds, is flexibility. Most body-weight exercises involve extended movement amplitude, which results in building strength, without loss in flexibility.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you don’t have to stretch if you perform crunches, lunges, or squats. In fact, you must do some dynamic stretching at the end of your warm up, and static at the end of the training, to increase flexibility.

# 5 Build endurance
Finally, if calisthenic exercises are performed properly in the adjusted number of reps and sets, they boost your body’s endurance. Body-weight exercises, which require holding positions for prolonged periods are a great tool to build endurance. Great examples are plank, or v-sit.

fitness, sport, exercising, training and lifestyle concept - young man doing abdominal exercise on horizontal bar in summer park

#6 Lose fat effectively
If your goal is burning fat, calisthenics should be your best friend. Except for cardio, your workout should also involve some strength exercises to build muscle, and trigger weight loss.

In the end, you will have a more toned, shapely figure. Add some intensity to your workout, and watch the results peak! Just make sure you look up HIIT and Tabata workout to add to your repertoire of exercise!