Celebrity fitness trainer Mukul Nagpaul shares his tips to help you build fitness, and get the most from your workout. 

#1 Make a headstart

It is important to make a beginning, when you want to get somewhere. “You should do what you enjoy…be it running, jogging, or martial arts,” says Mukul.  So, get going by following his fitness mantras. Just choose a physical activity, concentrate on a healthy food routine, and keep good room for recovery in your workout programme.

#2 Look for inspiration

Inspiration matters, as fitness is a state of mind as much as a state of the body. One of Mukul’s tricks to stay and get people motivated is ‘teach what you preach’. “I participate in All-India Fitness competitions, I run half marathons, and stay fit. I give my clients information about exercise, health, and nutrition, and encourage them to keep fit.”

#3 Pick up what suits you the best

Everybody is different. Mukul believes that there is no single fit-for-all training programme. So he suggests you set your fitness goals and schedule based on your daily routine. These should become habits you can maintain. “Stick to the basics: eat healthy, be physically active, and choose something you love doing if you want to see some good results,” he suggests.

#4 Aim for Sustainability

Many people sign up for a gym membership, and then drop out soon after, because they didn’t feel up to it. So Mukul suggests you hold back, till you’re sure about what exercise you can maintain. “Sustainability is the key. Choose a physical activity best suited to your personality, something you can see yourself doing even when you are well past 50,” he says.

#5 Keep yourself motivated

It doesn’t take long for a workout programme to become a drag. So find ways to stay motivated, says Mukul. “Different things motivate different people. For some it may be getting six-pack abs and a fit body but for others, it may be fitting into a new V-neck t-shirt.” Find out what appeals to you, he says, and include that in your routine.

#6 Eat right

Try combinations of different foods to get the right balance of carbs, proteins, and healthy fats in your diet. Eat in small portions and at regular intervals, says Mukul, and always make it a habit to eat both before and after your workout. Mukul’s personal favorites are a peanut butter sandwich as a pre-workout snack and a protein shake, post-workout.

Mukul Nagpal has been in the fitness industry for nearly a decade and is among the few internationally certified TRX trainers in the country.